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We’re thrilled to be participating in Coachella again making this our 7th year in a row!! It has been one hell of a ride since our first year in 2005 and we would like to send a special thank you to everyone at Goldenvoice for giving us the opportunity to keep dreaming and creating year after year. Have a look below to see how far we’ve come over the years and how our designs and inspirations have evolved over time.


Our first “art” installation at Coachella was nothing more than a 60ft dome and a few sculptures that we had built. Our plan was to erect 4 towers outside the dome with 30ft wingspans that would light up and pulse at night time. Being our first year doing an installation at Coachella we had no idea how strong the wind would be. We couldn’t even get the towers setup without the wind blowing them down so we had to rethink our idea on the spot. It took all of our friends coming to our rescue and working until the sun came up for us to reconfigure a new idea inside the dome.

We also knew it was hot as hell at Coachella so we wanted to introduce a water element. We rented a few industrial misters and built a water fountain in front of the dome which ended up becoming a swimming pool for desperate hot Coachella attendees. After a few hours of people trying to get into the waterfall we just started spraying them all with a hose. Who knew spraying hot people with a hose would be such a hit!!!

That same year we also snuck a small sound system in with us so we could play some music inside the dome. Jupit3r and David Starfire played music all weekend while people danced and relaxed in the shade. The Coachella promoters drove by on a golf cart and saw what we were doing and didn’t see any harm in it so they said we could have music again the following year. This was the beginning of The Do LaB “stage” at Coachella.

Photo by Aaron Gautschi


In 2006 we came back with a 60ft dome except this time we knew that the wind outside was not something that was easy to deal with so we designed a cardboard tree for inside the dome that would double as a dj booth. Again we had misters inside and outside the dome to spray people and cool them down. We also had scheduled performances with Lucent Dossier throughout the weekend and a full lineup of dj’s booked to play in our area. Overall we had a much larger party inside of Coachella, but it was still pretty unofficial.

Photo by Jenna Rose Robbins


In 2007 Coachella asked us to come up with something that has never been seen before so we scrapped the dome and went back to the drawing board. After a lot of thought we came up with design that fully encircled the crowd inside our area. An installation that was 360 degrees and totally immersive. When you were in it you couldn’t see out of it and when you were out of it you couldn’t see in it. These days we call them our “Classic Pods” and the concept has since become The Do LaB’s official logo. The area incorporated a 360 degree stage in the middle for Lucent Dossier to perform on and instead of using misters we started using water cannons to spray much larger crowds inside the festival. We also brought in a much heavier hitting lineup with Bassnectar headlining on Saturday night.


After a successful year of building our Classic Pods we came back with all new, more colorful pod designs that were designed with hundreds of custom pieces that made our assembly and disassembly much easier. We also started to master the wind and built much larger towers that reached 30ft in the air. We also incorporated a much larger stage design for Lucent Dossier’s performance that involved different levels of stage platforms and an oversized fish tank for performers to swim in. And once again we sprayed even larger crowds with water cannons that shot out from all directions. The Glitch Mob headlined our stage this year and overall our music lineup and party grew larger.


Photo by Katie Lee

After 2 years of building pods at Coachella and touring them around the world we decided to switch things up a bit and try building with new materials. We decided to mess around with shipping pallets and soon after our new concepts were hatched. Our tallest towers yet, reaching almost 40ft in the air, with shade canopy’s and misters growing out of them. Our stage design was an attempt at building a “real” stage inside Coachella that could house a much larger light show. The whole thing was a pain in the butt to build, but we had a good time doing it. Lucent Dossier’s stage was a reincarnation of our 2008 concept with the additional help of “junk master” Shrine adding additional elements to give the stage new dimensions. The crowd got larger, the party got bigger. Beats Antique headlined our stage.

(I don’t think anyone on our crew ever wants to see a pallet again.)

Check out this extended timelapse video of the build for 2009.


After years of building “art” projects we decided we wanted to get more into large scale structure designs and that is what inspired our 2010 concepts. We’ve always liked the look of raw wood so we knew we wanted to incorporate that somehow. After messing around with clay models for a while the idea of a series of towers all linked together by aircraft cable was hatched. The tallest towers reached 45ft in the air and the aircraft cables acted as the support for the whole structure tying it to the ground. And instead of having Lucent Dossier perform on one side of our area and the dj’s play on the opposite side, we decided to join forces on one large stage and pull our resources. Ultimately this proved for better shows all around and our stage went off without a hitch. We sprayed about 24,000 gallons of water over the crowd and the party went on and on… MiM0SA was our headliner but over all the whole lineup on our stage was pretty dope.

Four photos above by Aaron Gautschi


Click here to see what we did in 2011!

– Words by Jesse Flemming


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  1. Nicole Mosa Says:
    January 21st, 2011 at 8:20 pm

    Damnnn!!! 2005 coachella was the year I was exposed to the Do Lab!! It’s been a sweet ride!

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  3. elChurro Says:
    January 23rd, 2011 at 11:24 pm

    You peeps make Coachella that much more special, without you it would just be another music festival.

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    January 24th, 2011 at 8:58 pm

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  5. Jesse Vanderwerf Says:
    February 4th, 2011 at 8:33 pm

    Way to make coachella real. I’d have to say that having the Doo Crew there makes things much better.

    If anyone is looking for creative well made duds for Coachella 2011 please take a look at my friend’s 2011 line:

    much love.

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