Show Preview: Love & Light Will Shine on April 7th at King King and LIB 2011 – plus exclusive new track & win tickets!

By: Duke DuRock

We’re always striving to support our creative community and share with you the freshest artists found throughout the West Coast (and across the world). Our latest show on April 7th at King King is all about new discoveries and we’re excited to showcase the sounds of Love & Light for you all to wobble with before their debut performance at Lightning in a Bottle (LIB)!

The Reno-based duo of Matt Madonna and Ryan Anderson are fast becoming a noteworthy musical act. When their sounds recently came across the ears of our Executive Producer (and principal music booker) Jesse Flemming, he was eager to bring the band to L.A. for a special show ahead of their previously scheduled LIB performance.

“A big thing that The Do LaB does, and why it’s been successful, is that we’re really focused on promoting from within our community,” Flemming shared with me. “There’s a wealth of great up-and-coming artists here. Or, we’ll bring in guys like Bonobo and other acts from around the world. But, for the most part, we’re sticking to the West Coast locals who are all friends of each other, so it’s always very organic and a scene that we’re really trying to help support.

“We do a lot of experimentation,” Flemming  added. “Sometimes we go with the crowd favorites that we know are going to do well and that people like. Other times, we’re trying out younger artists who are making really great music but might not necessarily have made a big name for themselves yet, so we like to give them an opportunity.”

Fans of the melodic yet equally hard sounds of long-time LIB/Burning Man favorite MiMOSA and, more recently, R/D, will find equal appeal with the electric vibes of Love & Light as Madonna and Anderson infuse their original tracks with plenty of positive energy that can still shake a dance floor to its core.

“There is definitely a mindset that goes into it,” explained Madonna. “We’ve learned that intentions and motives really do matter and that’s what is actually going into the music. We’ll try to put ourselves in a positive mind state before we make music. But ultimately, it’s just living that way:  being happy, being positive, being healthy. It all gets expressed through our music.

“Throughout the years, The Do LaB’s events have been some of the most motivating and inspiring to us,” he added. “To hear that The Do LaB is excited by us and then be invited by them to come and play this show and LIB, which is the festival that changed our lives, is an amazing and awesome feeling for us.”

While Anderson and Madonna had been producing separately for years, they joined forces to form Love & Light last April. It was their shared experience of attending the 2008 incarnation of Lightning in a Bottle that completely changed the way they thought about making music. “We discovered there that we can actually make the music that we want to make without being restricted by rules or genres,” said Madonna.

Having quickly gained a strong following through their SoundCloud page for their diverse productions and remixes, the duo will not disappoint fans when they take to the King King stage on April 7th, alongside the equally arresting Sugarpill and Chris B., and perform a wealth of new original Love & Light material. “It’s a really positive and energetic show,” Madonna remarked about their Love & Light live set. “I would want people to leave with the idea that you can still make happy, positive music and come hard with it.” With three emerging acts set to storm the King King stage on April 7th, it’s going to be another great night of music and live painting – all set in an inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for dancing and discovery.

“We’re always looking for artists that are making great music that people are enjoying,” Flemming explained. “We do a lot of research online, on social networks and websites. I really pay attention to which artists are making waves, getting attention and have a lot of fan response. If they’re doing that, then we put them on our list and try to work them into our shows.

“I’m excited to see who comes out and how well this lineup does with people familiar with these artists that I didn’t know that much about,” he added. “It’s not like a Random Rab show, where I know for sure it will be packed. But I’m excited see what happens because it’s gonna be a great night of music. With our shows at King King, it’s always a good crowd, good people and good energy.”

For Love & Light, this marks their official coming out party in Los Angeles and a chance to connect with those that have meant so much to them. “I can’t wait to meet all the people who have been responsible for honestly changing my life,” Madonna enthused. “I’m so happy about who I am, where I am, how I think and what I do. I know a lot of that has to do with The Do LaB and I’m super excited to be a part of this show. It’s almost surreal.”

Be sure to come join us on April 7th at King King! As a taste for what’s to come, the Love & Light boys are giving you a free download of their blistering new remix of The Red Hot Chili Peppers!

Download it here!

And hit the like button on this post to enter for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the Love & Light show at the King King next Thursday!


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