MiMOSA, Paper Diamond & Russ Liquid Electrify the El Rey Theater – Look Forward to Playing Lightning in a Bottle 2011

By: Duke DuRock

Exactly one week after our Coachella adventure, three exciting artists who we’re looking forward to playing Lightning in a Bottle (LIB) took to the El Rey Theater’s stage for an impressive night of dance music.  MiMOSA and Paper Diamond brought their tour to Los Angeles, while adding one of our new favorite artists, Russ Liquid, to the bill. The trio each played their own unique brand of bass music that left a packed house mesmerized and moving into the early morning hours.

“We’re thinking it’s gonna be a good time tonight,” correctly predicted Paper Diamond to me backstage before the show. “Getting the chance to tour with Tigran [MiMOSA] and have a blast, with lots of laughs, has been great. For this to be fun like that and to bring our energy into the El Rey, it’s gonna be rowdy. First impressions are everything, so I hope people lose their minds tonight.”

“Hell yea!,” added MiMOSA emphatically with a finger pointed skyward.

Things were rocking from the start as the near capacity crowd was treated to a stellar set from Russ Liquid, another talented producer from the Headtron Agency family (home to Stephan Jacobs, Sugarpill, and Gladkill.

He picked up exactly where he left off from our stage at Coachella as his set was heavy yet melodious. He also infused many of his songs with some live horn stylings (played by Mr. Liquid himself).


Paper Diamond followed up his own closing set on our Coachella stage with one comprised entirely of original productions and remixes. His sounds are never confined to a particular genre and, like his label mate, Pretty Lights, he is passionate about spreading his music to as many fans as possible and gives his tracks away for free via his website.

“The times have changed,” he explained. “It’s a new generation of artists and producers coming up. For us, it makes the most sense to spread the music, which was our intention from the beginning as opposed to making lots of money from record sales.

“To be able to put out our music as we make it and have that translate into a career where we can tour, have fun, and put our music out to fans directly without having to deal with all the bullshit is what we want.”

“For me it’s about spreading the word,” added MiMOSA, who recently made his latest release, the exceptional 58 Degrees EP, available for free download on his website. I just started my own record label [False Idol Musik], and I wanted to put it out there and see what happens… basically have no rules.”

The strategy is working as their tour has seen close-to-sellout crowds on every stop, and the Los Angeles fans were no exception. By the time MiMOSA took to the stage, the El Rey was ready to erupt. And when his thunderous basslines took hold and hip hop vocal samples echoed out, the audience settled in for one raucous performance.

Over the course of his young career, MiMOSA has turned his live shows into full displays of kinetic energy explosions as his music and on-stage presence energize both the audience and himself.

DJs can often seem stoic while staring at the Macbooks, but MiMOSA thrives off of getting just as crazy as the crowd. He added to the euphoria at the El Rey each time he took to the mic, during breaks in the action, before rocking out with the rest of us when the beats finally roared back in.

Powering through the entire 58 Degrees EP and including a couple of crowd-pleasing gems from last year’s Silver Lining LP, MiMOSA moved through countless musical genres and melodies and enthralled the audience from start to finish. “I’m not ever trying to do anything specific,” MiMOSA shared of his sound. “I’m just projecting where I’m at and what I’m feeling at a particular moment in my life. The 58 Degrees EP was where I was after three months of extensive touring.”

It’s a tour that will also see him perform as one of the headliners at LIB this Memorial Day weekend. It’s an event that’s proven to be a firm favorite of MiMOSA’s as he’s particularly inspired by the family vibe that The Do LaB believes in so strongly. “The Do LaB are a great group of people that are a collective of creative awesomeness and that is one of the big reasons why I do this,” he said. “LIB is a really special experience and I love it. It’s definitely a different vibe and is always a true interactive experience with art, visuals and music.”

The crowd at The El Rey got an early taste of some of the musical surprises that wait for them at LIB 2011. Artists like MiMOSA and Paper Diamond represent the next generation of electronic music stars-in-the-making. And their coming  together at The El Rey (and soon our stages at LIB) on nights like these can go a long way to expanding minds while still making people dance in the process.

“It’s good to be able to tour with friends and people you really respect not only musically but as a person,” said Paper Diamond of the pairing. “For me, that’s what the whole thing is about. If you can have fun doing what you love to do and be around the people who are supportive of your musical vision, then you’re moving in the right direction.”

Missed this show? Fortunately you can head over to MiMOSA’s website for a free download of his new 58 Degrees EP. You can also check out Paper Diamond’s latest EP, Levitate, free as well over on his website.

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