Looking Back at Lightning in a Bottle 2011 – Part 2

Words By: Duke DuRock

This is part 2 of our Lightning in a Bottle retrospective. Check out part 1 (with videos) here.

photo by Daniel Jung

Ascent to Spirituality

LIB’s beloved spiritual aspects lie atop the hill at the Lucent Temple of Consciousness. This “festival-within-a-festival” is the place to go when you want to listen to insightful and inspiring speakers, enjoy some downtempo sounds afterhours, or participate in featured yoga workshops. FreQ Nasty and Claire Thompson even gave one aptly dubbed, “The Yoga of Bass,” which brings the euphoria found on the dance floor into everyday life through the power of meditation.

“We want to encourage people to take the next step and turn it into a daily practice of dancing and meditating so they can have a life that’s full of that, outside of LIB, every day,” explained Thompson. “We’ve both been practicing yoga for a number of years and have music backgrounds. So putting those two major parts of our lives together is almost necessary.

“Coming to a place like LIB where everyone’s already so warmed up and switched on, we did our two-hour talk in an hour!” she added. “People here just get it. They have a connection to spirituality, the Earth, their bodies and music. It’s the perfect group to talk about this with.”

photo by Watchara Phomicinda

Generation of Campers

The combination of these wonderful workshops mixed with incredible music in a safe, welcoming environment, makes another of LIB’s wonderful attributes, the family camping, enticing as the festival brings together entire generations, from newborns to grandparents. “The Do LaB put a lot of effort into making the festival very family friendly this year,” said Crystal D’Angora, who along with her husband Cory, have taken their son Rane, to LIB the first two years of his young life. “I think art, music and good people are the foundation of a good life and that’s what I want him to be exposed to.”

photo by Watchara Phomicinda

With plenty of interactive art zones, the Do Art Foundation and for the fourth year in a row, Lightning in a Paintcan project (where live art is created and sold in a silent auction for charity), there was more art than ever happening. “The energy level here is ridiculous,” explained Damon Soule, one of the featured artists, who we caught up with while he was working with another talented artist from the on-site gallery, Nome Edonna. “I love painting with people coming around and giving their input and watching their faces light up, which is such a great thing. This is a way for people to see how our art develops.”

photo by Watchara Phomicinda

Many of the artists make their work from reused and recycled material, which ties into the festival’s green aspect. This concept was on full display at the expanded General Store, headed up by brothers Shane and Breck Dolan. “The concept was just to make everything out of recycled, reusable, and reclaimed material,” said Shane Dolan in a break from brokering barter trades with festival attendees. “Anything that you see was found, donated, traded for, bartered for or claimed somehow in a transaction without money. We used our resources and pulling things together to make this all a breathing art project for LIB.”

“I went to one LIB and I was just blown away by the whole concept and that’s what made me start thinking of how I can be involved in this,” Shane recalled. “So I approached these guys to see what I could do. It’s all about what people want to do and how much effort and energy they want to put into something to make it happen.”

LIB has become a home for people to reconnect and re-educate their way of thinking. It’s a place where generations cross, relationships bloom and new families form. It’s that rare, larger festival artists not only look forward to playing but stay long after their set has finished. “This is a prime example of a festival that I would go to and would want to come regardless if I was playing or not,” said Stephan Jacobs. “I’m camping for the whole weekend because I love The Do LaB!”

“To see the festival grow to a size of this magnitude definitely puts a smile on my face,” added Chris B., who was one of the great DJs to play at the official afterhours areas new to the festival experience this year. “Everybody here is beautiful and the vibes are so positive. You couldn’t ask for more. It’s perfect.”

photo by Aaron Gautschi

“These are the ones that are special,” said longtime DJ and producer Nick Warren, who has played at most of the largest music festivals the world over. “It’s so much more intimate here as it’s not like Burning Man or Glastonbury or Creamfields. It’s a smaller vibe. Much respect to The Do LaB…next year, whether you want me to DJ or not, I’ll be here!”

“There comes a time when you’re looking for a little more out of your festival experience,” summed up FreQ Nasty. “The Do LaB take it to another level…they’re one of the best production outfits in the world.”

photo by Aaron Gautschi

After more than 10 years, it’s LIB’s spirit of consciousness, creative inspiration and shared passion that continues to prove anything is possible when we work together. That’s what has helped make LIB continue to grow organically. And everybody who attends shares their own amazing talents and caring nature to help nurture and create something bigger than any mere music festival. “Hopefully everybody will take that energy and their experiences here home with them and incorporate that into their daily lives,” said Jesse Flemming. “Hopefully that will trickle down and affect the world in a positive way.”

The Do LaB is incredibly grateful to all of you for coming out and being a part of the continued evolution of LIB. All of the people, performers, creators and conscious vendors helped to make this the best LIB yet!

What’s in store for the next decade of the festival? “We’re seeing it right now,” offered Dede Flemming as he was surrounded by his family and the thousands who had come to feel that sense of unity that he and The Do LaB have worked extremely hard over the years to share with so many. “This is the evolution. Who knows what’s gonna happen next year? But I can’t wait to see what it is.”


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  1. Amanda Dovel Says:
    June 26th, 2011 at 10:13 am

    Lightning in a Bottle was AMAZING…I am so appreciative that I got to experience it…it just reminds me of how beautiful the world is and how amazing people can be…thank you LIB <3

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