Woogie Nights Has Sold Out Debut in Los Angeles

We are practically speechless at the incredible amount of fun we had at Woogie Nights. Luckily our dear friend Matthew Smith was able to put together this video that perfectly captures the essence of the event.

Click here to watch this video on your Mobile device: http://vimeo.com/29449183

What began as an idea after LIB, has now become a reality. Woogie Nights is here to stay! We are already planning the next event so please save the date: October 21st.

Up first at Woogie Nights was Wobs.

He had no trouble getting the first people who arrived to go straight to dancing. Each artist performed for 2 hours, and this allowed Wobs to masterfully percolate the energy in the King King, from a mellow simmer to a bubbling cauldron of Woogie-liciousness.

Up second was Pumpkin.

Pumpkin’s unique take on dance music was instantly apparent. He left no genre of music or tempo of groove unexplored. Perhaps his rising popularity can be attributed to the fact that he isn’t afraid to break rules. For Pumpkin, music is music, and style is irrelevant. His only style is ‘feel good.’

At this point the King King was packed, we had a line outside and even the LAPD were trying to get in and dance.

Once it was time for Jay Tripwire to begin, there was a feeling in the air of “Can we go even further?”

From the first beat, everything he played was in sync with how we felt and where we wanted to go. And Jay isn’t your average DJ… he played 2 hours of original music! Usually at events of this nature, the crowd tends to thin out as the evening comes to close, especially by 3am, but Jay kept us going strong until his last track stopped passed 3am.

See all the photos by Watchara in our Facebook album. See photos by Curious Josh here.

From all of us here at The Do LaB and our friends at Pocket Underground: THANK YOU!! Stay tuned to our blog because we’ll also be posting the full recordings of all three performances very soon.

Until then you can enjoy our “Woogie Vibes #1″ playlist on Spotify!

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