Eliot Lipp Preps New Album Release Ahead of Performance At King King Alongside Virtual Boy and GoldRush

Words By: Duke DuRock

We’ve been overjoyed to see so many of you come out to King King and dance with us at our shows this past month. This Thursday night, we’re planning to keep the funk going strong with the genre-smashing sounds of one of our longtime favorite artists, Eliot Lipp, who will be performing live alongside Virtual Boy and GoldRush.

“I’ve done a few tours with Virtual Boy and we play pretty awesome together,” said Lipp, when we recently spoke to the producer about the show. “A Do LaB show is a mini-festival, a little circus, or something from my past experience. There’s always a lot going on with the production and the people there – lots of creative types. So it’s not just a party where you want to get up, play and leave. People are stoked to show up for the whole experience of the event. It’s not just about one band headlining.

“I’m bringing a drummer with me, who I’ve done a lot of shows with this summer,” Lipp excitedly added about his current live setup. “I’m having a lot of fun as it’s a different kind of energy. For me, it’s more fun to play that way as we can improvise on stage. With my live show, I try to cover a lot of ground as I’ve made a lot of different styles of music throughout my career.”

Musical Roots

Lipp’s fusion of multiple music genres, strong melodies and memorable, energetic stage shows have made him a firm fixture at festivals around the country – and at our own Lightning in a Bottle. His up-coming show at King King is a homecoming of sorts as the now Brooklyn-based producer lived in Los Feliz for a few years and still has plenty of friends in the city.

“I love LA,” Lipp added. “It’s a special place and has a really solid underground scene, which is important…not a lot cities have that. It’s not just the mainstream shit that pops off there. There’s a real, strong community for electronic music.”

When it comes to quality electronic music, Lipp has been steadily putting out releases since 2004. His most-recent album “Brolabs”(which is available to download via his website), is an inspired remix project. For it, Lipp enlisted his friends and fellow producers to have their chance at reworking his past productions. Each track from talented artists such as Big Gigantic, Paper Diamond and Pretty Lights offers listeners something stylistically different but no less stirring.

Tricks, Techniques & Electronic Music Wizardry

“With Paper Diamond, we were in a band together for a long time,” recalled Lipp. “He played bass in our group Lipp Service. All the production techniques and tricks that I’ve learned over time have come from him. He’s just a whiz when it comes to production. We both have a strong mutual respect for each other’s work, so remixing each other’s stuff comes naturally.”

Since the release of Lipp’s last solo album “Peace Love Weed 3D” on his own label, Old Tacoma Records, in 2009, he has craved creative collaborations and shared tips with his production peers. On his upcoming album “How We Do: Moves Made,” Lipp worked with longtime friend Jasia 10. The two have delivered an album full of musical surprises set over plenty of vintage-flavored grooves inspired by the sounds of records the two sampled from while growing up.

“It started off with these goofy, keyboard jingles tracks, but eventually they all turned into full length songs,” Lipp recalled of the early recording sessions. “What makes the album more cohesive to me is knowing where all the songs came from, even though we stretch over a lot of different styles on the record.”

He added, “It will be interesting when I go back and do another solo record to see how I’m going to incorporate all that I’ve learned recently about producing into my own music.”

Ever-Changing Productions

Throughout Lipp’s recording career, he’s continually rewarded his audiences with exceptional and ever-changing original productions. Much like his friends and fellow producers Pretty Lights and Paper Diamond, Lipp makes music that appeals to a wide array of music lovers and lends itself for home listening as well as moving on the dance floor.

“What I try to do when I’m sampling from older records and listening to timeless music that I love is think about what it is that makes this song good without focusing on what it is that dates a song,” Lipp shared. “Having a good rhythm or catchy melody, those things don’t change. When music has your own signature style to it but, at the same time, creates the mood you’re trying to go for – that’s what I try do. I wouldn’t say all my music has been successful at that. But making timeless music is one of my biggest goals.”

Free Download: Eliot Lipp has kindly shared his excellent new single with Jasia 10, “Ace in the Hole” off the forth coming “How We Do: Made Moves” album. Be sure to download this jam!

Click to listen (or right-click to download): “Ace in the Hole

In anticipation of Thursday’s show, Eliot Lipp will be joining us live on Turntable.FM this Wednesday September 28th from 4-5pm. Get the details here!

For more free Eliot Lipp downloads and tour info, head over to www.eliotlippmusic.net

And join us on the dance floor this Thursday, September 29th at King King for what’s sure to be an incredible night of music and live art. Please plan to arrive EARLY! Tickets are still available for purchase HERE.

ps….. Tell us what you think of the new single in the comments below because we’ll randomly give one of our loyal readers a pair of tickets to this show!

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