GoldRush Interview and Exclusive New Mix

In anticipation of his show this Thursday, GoldRush is treating us and all of his fans to a new mix featuring unreleased music and more.

Falls Gate – 2011 minimix” by GoldRush

We also took the opportunity to ask GoldRush some questions and we think you’ll find the interview interesting. Check it out below:

It’s been a busy year for you, starting with first attending LIB in 2010. Tell us what happened since then?

I was blown away by Lightning in a Bottle when I first attended. This festival was something completely different than anything I had ever been to, and it contributed to my life in a very positive way. The sense of shared positivity among the artists, performers, and patrons is magically real, and it really pushed me to work hard and follow my dream of sharing my music.

In this last year I joined the Headtron Agency and released my first EP. These were two important steps for me as an artist. It was soon after my EP released that The Do LaB booked me to open for MartyParty, Opiuo and FreQ Nasty at the El Rey. This was a big show for me and it got The Do LaB interested in my sound. They then asked me to play their stage at Coachella, and then Lightning in a Bottle. It all happened very quickly.

The absolute highlights for me this year were playing The Do LaB stage at Coachella and the Bamboo Stage at Lightning in a Bottle.

What has happened since performing at LIB?

Since LIB I gained new fans and opportunities to play other festivals. It also gave me confidence to stick to what Ii do best, which is performing my original music in my own way, however that feels right in the moment.

If you had to describe the style of your music with a single sentence, what would it be?

((( Epic. Romantic. Bass. )))

You have a background in architecture. Does that influence the way you compose music?

It does. The creative technique that probably crosses over most is layering and proportion. All producers layer their parts in a track, but looking at the composition as spatial drawing is sometimes really fun. I can feel myself composing audio as if it were a visual exercise, sometimes not knowing what it might sound like. Generally if it looks cool, it will also sound cool. Not always, but sometimes. Also I am trying to pay more attention to the spatiality of the sound design as I am learning more related techniques. I love this quote from Goethe: “Music is the flowing architecture, and architecture the frozen music.”

You released an EP this year called Love Hz, tell us about your vision for the album.

This album really came straight from my heart. I had a vision of putting natural sounds like my acoustic guitar, some harps, and my vocals together with some grimy bass, tight beats and some poetic feeling. With this in mind I went to Venice beach and wrote some songs. The UK based label Generation Bass heard my tracks on soundcloud and immediately wanted to release the EP. It was perfect timing.

Can we expect new music soon?

Yes. I am really glad that festival season is over because I am long overdue for a second album, but it will be worth the wait. I have been growing my sound in my studio, and when it’s time to release it I really want to offer my audience the most authentic version of where I am musically right now. This will probably take me into a late fall or spring release.

What’s your favorite thing about performing?

Audience reaction / participation. I really love feeling connected to the audience. When I’m up there focused and having fun, I can tell they enjoy the vibe I bring and can connect to it.  I love making eye contact with those who are really feeling the soul of the music.

Who/what is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration comes from Creation itself. The feeling you get in your chest witnessing the colors of a giant sunrise unfold on the playa is an example the kind of epic romance I try to feel while I’m writing. I write best when I am openly receptive to inspiration from something higher than my everyday self.

Musically, some of my favorites are Telefon Tel Aviv, Radiohead, and MartyParty. I think they have each really believed in their own sound, which has grown and taken and their audience on a unique journey.

What are your thoughts on being a part of a show with Eliot Lipp and Virtual Boy?

They are both extremely talented and diverse electronic musical acts and I am stoked to be sharing the stage with them both. The Do LaB consistently brings the best crowd so its going to be a great night at the King King for sure. Can’t wait!

Thanks to GoldRush for taking the time answer some questions. Be sure to connect with GoldRush via his Facebook and Soundcloud pages.

We can wait to experience his next performance this Thursday at the King King. If you haven’t yet, get your presale tickets here.

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