Gladkill Interview and Exclusive New Mix

In anticipation of Gladkill’s performance at our next show on Thursday October 13th, we interviewed him to find out about all the latest Gladkill music news. In reply he has offered a brand new mix for YOU to enjoy!!

You can check out the interview below, but first be sure to listen to & download his new mix from Soundcloud below:

1. Gladkill-Let You

2. Gladkill-This is The Last Time

3. Dev79 ft. Slixx-Get 2 Know (Gladkill Remix)

4. Gladkill-Some Things

5. Gladkill-Retrograde

6. More Champagne (Gladkill & ChrisB.)-About Time

7. Gladkill-Stay Awake

8. Goldrush-It’s When I miss All of You (Gladkill Remix)

Fill us in on the latest Gladkill news.

Finally getting back into the studio after a very busy festival season.  I just moved to Los Angeles, and have been working on a new EP, as well as a full-length Gladkill album.  I recently released a track on the Subsynthesis “Bass From Above 2″ compilation and a Polish Ambassador remix on his “Future, Sex, Computers” remix album on 1320 records. Be on the lookout for my remix of Dev79’s track “Get 2 Know” coming out on Slit Jockey records, as well as a Headtron Agency artist compilation which will include myself and the likes of Sugarpill, Stephan Jacobs, Jupit3r, Russ Liquid, ChrisB, and the rest of the Headtron Agency crew.

Photo by Nina Noel.

We’ve heard that you’re in the studio producing music for your next album. Is there anything you can tell us about what we can expect?

As I mentioned, I’m working on an EP as well as a full-length album for release sometime early 2012.  I’ve been experimenting with a more uptempo, energetic sound that borders the heavier bass music tones, while still keeping it very sexy and melodic.  I’ve also been implementing elements of several genres, such as 2 step, minimal, IDM/trip hop,  and some electro. After experimenting with some vocalists I hope to incorporate singing elements into the full-length as well.

Stepping backward a little, 2011 seems like it was a big year for you. Was there ever a moment when you felt like “I’ve made it?” And if so, tell us about it.

Between playing a festival almost every weekend of the summer, headlining and support headlining shows all over the country and playing over 10 sets at this year’s Burning Man, I can say that this year has been one of the most exciting years of my life. I feel like this is only the beginning of my journey, and I have far to go before I “make it”, but I definitely feel like I’m doing something right. The feeling of having my favorite artists be some of my closest friends and working with so many talented people with my Headtron family is incredible; I feel truly blessed to be exactly where I am now.

You performed at both Lightning in a Bottle and our stage at Coachella. Can you tell us about those experiences?

Both Coachella and Lightning in A Bottle have both been amazing experiences for me. This was my first year at Coachella and I was absolutely blown away by the scope, size and effort put in on everyone’s part to make it happen. I definitely spent most of my time at the Do LaB stage, and I have never experienced such a rush playing to so many people before. It was the best way to kick off the summer and the rest of the festival season. Lightning in a Bottle 2011 is still my favorite festival of the summer; the beautiful, positive atmosphere The Do LaB creates by bringing together so many talented and like-minded people is unparalleled. It was an honor to play LIB 2011 and hope you guys have me back for future years!!!

Photo by Phil Holland.

How did you first get started with music?

I’ve been playing music from a very young age. I’ve been in and out of bands from the age of 14, playing bass, guitar, and singing. I picked up electronic music back in 2006 while I was in school for audio recording and engineering. It became a passion, and I’ve been doing it ever since.

How do you think your approach and style differs from some of your contemporaries?

I feel that my emphasis on melody, harmony and composition sets me apart from the harder, more aggressive atonal bass music out there. I also focus on providing a more diverse spectrum of sounds, to keep the listener constantly entertained and flowing through different dynamics and emotions instead of standard “bass drop/rage face/chainsaw brostep” tracks. Through albums, mixes and live shows, I take the listener on an adventure through different levels of stimulation while maintaining a sexy atmosphere.  I personally get bored listening to hour/2 hour long sets of the same thing over and over, and I make it a point not to do so with my own music.

Photo by Cudonko Photography.

Who/what is your biggest inspiration?

To be honest, my biggest current inspiration is all the talented artists I work side by side with at Headtron Agency. Seeing all of them make some incredible music on a daily basis motivates me to push myself to create and constantly improve my sound. I’m sure they would tell you the same.

What are your thoughts on being a part of this show with Gaudi and +verb?

I’m definitely looking forward to this show. I opened up for Gaudi the first time I played for The Do LaB, and it was a blast. I like how his music brings a much more diverse and eclectic crowd than usual, and I never know what Gaudi will play next. +verb has been one of my favorite artists for a while, and since he’s become a member of the Headtron family I’ve gotten a chance to play with him several times. I’m very excited to be sharing the stage with him again.

Thank to Gladkill for doing the interview and for offering such an awesome mix! What did you think of the interview and mix? Tell us in the comments below!

And we hope to see you at Gladkill’s show Thursday October 13th, with performances by Gaudi and +verb, as well as live painting by Evan Mendleson. Tickets are available here.

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