Halloween with LowRIDERz, Pumpkin, Zen Arts and more was Scary Good

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Video by: Smash LeFunk

Pictures by: Watchara Phomicinda

Words by: Duke DuRock

There’s always an extra amount of excitement and theatrics in the air when it comes to celebrating Halloween, especially in Los Angeles. With that in mind, The Do LaB were sure to bring plenty of tricks and treats to “HollyWeird” at the famous Supperclub. We teamed up there with our friends at Superfly for a proper Limelight Thursdaze Halloween party. Featuring a multi-course dinner and live painting along with dazzling and jaw-dropping performances from the talented Zen Arts troupe, this masquerade ball was far from a stereotypical Hollywood Halloween soiree. Providing the perfect soundtrack to shake the dance floor (and rattling a few graves in the process) were Symphonic Circles, The Temple Monkey, Pumpkin and LowRIDERz – the new deadly duo consisting of Acid Crunk King An-Ten-Nae and the Queen of Summertime Swag DJ Laura.

“Halloween is one of my favorite times to play because I feel like people on the dance floor aren’t afraid to get silly,” explained Pumpkin shortly before his DJ set. “Playing for a Halloween crowd is one of my favorites because everyone’s ready to be a little kid again and they aren’t afraid to get silly. I like to get silly, so I’m stoked.”

Serene Setting and Unparalleled Performances

The Supperclub proved to be the perfect playground for the plethora of costumed party-goers to get their groove on. Along with providing a stunning and serene atmosphere, the Supperclub separates itself from the Hollywood scene by making evenings a full sensory experience. Patrons got to enjoy first-class food before the dance floor madness began. For this dinner party, smooth jazz-flavored sounds played from our old friend the Sexy Sax Man himself, Sergio Flores, who performed along with his live band Symphonic Circles. They provided the perfect accompaniment to jaw-dropping performances form the production art crew Zen Arts, who put the audience in a trance throughout the entire night with astonishing aerial feats, fire-spinning and seductive dancing.

“I just had a five-course meal brought to me by really attractive people,” marveled Pumpkin. “I was sitting on this plush couch and circus antics were going on every which way from Zen Arts. I’m well fed, very happy and full of Halloween spirit.”

He added, “The sound here is great. The vibe is great and The Do LaB coming in to make some noise really makes me happy.”

Pumpkin Proves the Perfect Halloween Party Starter

After dinner was done, the doors to Supperclub swung open as a sea of creative costumes soon filled every inch of the posh place. Pumpkin continued his tradition of delivering standout song-based DJ sets, as he got into the Halloween spirit with inspired track selections which included his remix of “Magic Dance,” David Bowie’s childhood classic track from the creepy film “The Labyrinth,” alongside Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Pumpkin provided plenty of hands-in-the-air moments for the crowd, with his remixes of Peter Gabriel, Florence and the Machine and Adele, which sounded just as well here as it did during his beloved Lightning in a Bottle set from earlier this year.

“With a Halloween show, I feel like I can really let loose and not worry so much about what’s appropriate for the dance floor,” shared Pumpkin. “People want to get goofy and silly on the dance floor and I’m here to accommodate that.”

When asked for his thoughts on sharing the stage with dynamic performers like Zen Arts and LowRIDERz, Pumpkin had the following to say: “I’ve always been a big fan of circus craziness and Zen Arts brought it tonight…I was very impressed. An-Ten-Nae has been one of my favorite producers and remixers forever. I’m really stoked to get to bring some noise before LowRIDERz make some serious noise.”

LowRIDERz Bring Energy and Acid Crunk to Dance Floor

There was, indeed, a seismic shift in sound following from Pumpkin’s spirited set, when the tag-team of An-Ten-Nae and DJ Laura took the dance floor energy level up with their dirty and delicious brand of bass music.

“We’re gonna make it hyphy, crunk, sexy and deep,” said DJ Laura shortly before their performance. An-Ten-Nae added, “It’s a lot of LowRIDERz material and our remixes. We’re feeding off each other. Sometimes it’s four or five tracks that we’re playing together, so it’s spontaneous. And when the crowd and the energy are right, it feels like they elevate our set and it becomes this amazing loop of energy, bass and music.”

Armed with an abundance of on-stage energy and a strong feminine-male dynamic infused with heavy, seductive basslines, audience members were practically dancing right out of their costumes. The on-stage chemistry between DJ Laura and An-Ten-Nae is strong. And after a breakout 2011, when they played festivals like Lightning in a Bottle and released a slew of strong singles, (including two new dance floor destroyers on An-Ten-Nae’s upcoming “Acid Crunk” compilation) the LowRIDERz are looking to raise some hell in the electronic music scene.

“It all started with a bassline,” recalled DJ Laura with a laugh.

“We’ve been friends forever and it just naturally flowed,” added An-Ten-Nae of their partnership. “The organic chemistry and our taste are a perfect fit. We’re excited and we’re doing a lot of good stuff. We just finished a remix for Beats Antique that’s gonna come out that’s even blowing us away. The symbiotic and the energy, it’s a lot of extremes that make the weirdest union of sound that’s just not out there right now.”

Spirit of Halloween All Year Long

From the sounds of LowRiderz and Pumpkin to the thrilling theatrics of Zen Arts, this Halloween party was full of inspiration, style, laughter, aerobatics and plenty of dancing. And while the holiday may be over, any time you have the chance to catch such colorful and charismatic artists such as these perform throughout the year, do it! You’ll be assured of a ghoulishly good time as they all embody the true spirit and magic of Halloween.

“Every day is Halloween to me,” said An-Ten-Nae.

Pumpkin added, “Halloween is great because people let us see their inner weird and I’m all about that.”
We want to thank all the artists, and especially YOU, for sharing your “inner weird” with us at Supperclub to celebrate Halloween!

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