Exclusive new Sugarpill Mini-Mix and Interview

In anticipation of our upcoming show with Sugarpill, download his exclusive new mix and read our complete interview below. Then get your tickets for Thursday’s show at King King in Hollywood with Sugarpill, Welder, saQi and Michael Pukac here.

Photo by Max Fevah.

We’ve got another exclusive download for our loyal readers. Stream Sugarpill’s new mini-mix below via Soundcloud or click here to download it now! (Mirror download site here)

Waiting for Technology to Catch Up

Sugarpill, has been playing and writing his own songs since he was a kid. “I grew up playing bass mostly and I used to write my own songs and record them to this cassette player. I think I picked up working on making my own music on a computer for the first time when I was 16, but at that point computers were super slow and sounded horrible compared to just playing a real instrument.”

To listen to a track from Sugarpill, is to marvel at the power of technology and the artist behind the computer who is utilizing all of today’s abundant computer processing power to create those unforgettable moments on the dance floor. His passion for mastering technology started early. “I got into making weird computer music when I was in college. I was really into the idea of making sounds that were authentically computer or machine made. I felt like all these people were trying to make music that sounded like instruments people could just play anyway. I just seemed way more reasonable to just try to make the artifacts and weirdness that you could only get from machines and make that that sound really good.”

Sugarpill might be best known for his talent as a producer. He admits that the joy of creating music comes from trying or learning something new. “If I’m not doing that I get really bored and the output/process is just not that interesting to me,” he elaborates. “A big part of the inspiration is also playing live, if I have a show coming up I like to think about where I’m going and who I’ll be playing for and compose with those people in mind. For burning man this year I think I wrote 8 new tracks to have to play out there and for this next Do Lab show on Thursday I think I’m currently at 6 brand new ones that I’ve never played out yet.”

Photo by Daniel Zetterstrom.

Defining Polytemponic Melodo-Crunky Glitch Bass

Every discussion on electronic music also involves a mention of genre. Upon first glance one might say Sugarpill is a master of all things “Glitch,” or a sexy version of “Dubstep,” however he has his own thoughts on the matter, “I like both styles and draw things from them, but I think the terms have come to mean such really different things to different people. Although I really don’t like the category name a lot, I’ve always kind of thought of what I do as more IDM than anything else because I try to experiment with sounds borrowed from a lot of different styles and vibes and in the end its dance music.”

If all of these genres are open to interpretation, perhaps the music can speak for itself. “I decided to put together a 4 track mini mix as a preview for the kind of sounds they can expect from the show this Thursday,” he says describing his intention behind his exclusive Do LaB mini-mix. “In a lot of my sets I kind of go a little heavier with my sound, but I’ve been writing some more bouncy melodic stuff that I’m really stoked about. The first two are exclusive for this mix and only a few people have heard them before now. The last track is one I wrote for burning man this year and it’s a really special tune for me.”

Photo by Phil Holland.

Living His Dreams

“I think I’ve been like insanely fortunate in my life because I actually feel like that a lot,” he says. “Definitely some of the bigger shows I’ve played have felt like that. Playing at Coachella last year on The Do LaB stage was definitely one of those moments for me. I’ve been working on some more weird and crazy dreams now though so we’ll see if that can keep happening… I really need this hoverboard thing to happen though. I’ve been waiting on that for a minute now.”

Most of what we do starts out as a dream or crazy idea. Perhaps that’s why Sugarpill is a favorite at our events, as well as why you’ll probably be at this show!

“There’s a lot of things that are special with The Do LaB shows,” he explains. “A big part of it for me is the number of other creative people that The Do LaB manages to bring together for these events. There’s just so much energy behind the whole thing and that is something that is really always very exciting to be a part of. I have really been incredibly stoked on a lot of events that I’ve played, but I would have to say that last year at Coachella was my favorite. Having so many homies up on stage going crazy with me was pretty surreal. I wish I could have been out of my body for a couple of seconds and look back at the whole thing and be like wtf is going on here?”

Were you there for Sugarpill’s performance on our stage at Coachella? If you missed it, do yourself a favor and take for your next dose of Sugarpill this Thursday November 11th at the King King.

He’ll be joined by Welder and saQi, as well as Michael Pukac who will be painting live. We think we’ve put together a very special show, perhaps a dream show for some of loyal readers. In fact, comment below and tell us what you think of Sugarpill’s new mini-mix and we’ll give one lucky reader a pair of tickets to Thursday’s show!!

Discounted pre-sale tickets are available here.

We’ll see you on the dance floor soon!

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  1. Smilo Says:
    November 10th, 2011 at 7:52 pm

    Sugarpill’s new mini-mix gracefully allows access to the subsonic realm. Guiding others gently through space and time via smooth and meaningful crunk is truly a powerful gift. Thank you Sugarpill and The Do Lab for the much needed dose!

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