Random Rab Releases New Album “Visurreal” and Prepares to Play Club Nokia Along With Beats Antique, Emancipator and Lynx

Check out our new interview with Random Rab and get a free download of “I Alone” from his new album below. Tickets for his December 30th show with Beats Antique, Emancipator and Lynx are going fast so gets yours here today.

Words by: Duke DuRock

When it comes to making progressive electronic music that has the ability to appeal to music lovers of all genres, Random Rab has been putting out exceptional productions for over a decade now. His diverse sounds have made him a long-time fixture at The Do LaB’s events and he most recently captivated the crowd at this year’s Lightning in a Bottle (LIB) festival with his stunning stage show. Rab has just released his fantastic new album, “Visurreal,” and is setting his sights on closing out 2011 in style at Club Nokia for our special pre-NYE show alongside his close friends Beats Antique, Emancipator and Lynx.

“I’m really excited as I always love playing with The Do LaB,” said Rab when we spoke with the producer just days after the release of “Visurreal.” “Playing along with those heavy-hitters on the bill, Beats Antique, Lynx and Emancipator, is pretty much the party of a lifetime. I’m eager to come back to LA and hopefully this is something special for everyone to sign off 2011!”

He added, “To have the opportunity to play for people who are open-minded and get “it” right from the get-go, I love that. My whole set goes off, rather than having to work people into it. Plus, this is my family. I love The Do LaB and all the people that are drawn to their events so much. These are the most important gigs for me as it feels like I’m with all my friends and community. When we get together it’s always an amazing experience.”

Random Rab has gained a strong reputation and following for combining his music along with a visual-heavy stage show. He pulls tracks from his vast back-catalog and surrounds these selections with impressive imagery, notably “The Infinidroid Cube,” which those who attended Rab’s LIB set this year are still talking about.

Photo by Terry Pratt.

“For me, it’s the ultimate experience with music or any kind of art where all of your senses become cross-wired and joined in different ways,” explained Rab. “My take on visuals is that if it’s done right, it pulls the listener in more. It helps crystallize and focus your senses on the sound and can really enhance the musical experience.”

For his set at Club Nokia, Random Rab will be doing something special in stripping back his live show to allow his moving new music from “Visurreal” to truly speak to the audience’s ears on its own.

“I’ll still be doing some projections but I’ll be concentrating more on the music this time with some added live instrumentation,” revealed Rab. “The instruments that I bring change every time. But I’ll probably be playing electric guitar, a Chinese, 21-string, harp-like instrument, as well as a slide guitar and a few other things.”

He added, “I might pester Lynx to come up on stage with me, or Dave Satori and Sidecar Tommy from Beats Antique. It’s gonna be pretty organic. We love being spontaneous and I’ve done some amazing stuff with all those guys in the past, so I think that’s the mentality we’re going to approach this show with.”

Those who attend the show at Club Nokia are assured of hearing Random Rab perform plenty of new material from his latest outstanding offering, “Visurreal.” In the two years that have passed since his last album “aRose,” Rab’s traveled extensively and had a child, so this new release reflects the internal shift in that time span.

“To share “Visurreal” with everyone feels like I’ve been reborn,” Rab said. “I’ve been working on this album for several years. I had a kid and things kind of slowed down on the production level for a minute but now things seem to be ramping up. A lot of these songs have been with me and in my head for a long time, so to get it out adds a sense of closure to the whole era that I worked on these songs.”

He added, “Knowing that it’s out there is an amazing feeling in itself, but to get all the positive feedback and have it get into the iTunes Top 10 inspires me to create more new music. In fact, I’m almost there already with another album, so I’m looking forward to an exciting 2012.”

Photo by Galen Oaks.

Much like the artists that he’ll be sharing the stage with at Club Nokia, Random Rab’s music is electronic in nature but incorporates so many organic elements and different genres that it is able to appeal to people of all ages and musical taste.

“Personally, I prefer music that I can play for my Grandma or someone in another country that’s never heard electronic music before and they can have an appreciation for it,” said Rab. “To me, it’s all about making beautiful music and that’s it. There’s no other requirement.

“I definitely try to make music that is timeless,” he added. “I hope that these songs have a little bit of longevity for me and everyone else. I want to be able to enjoy them for as long as possible, I don’t want to get sick of them, so I make them with that in mind.”

With a constant touring schedule, the release of “Visurreal” and starting a family, there’s been a lot going on in 2011 for Random Rab, who views this special show at Club Nokia as the perfect way to cap such an emotionally-charged year.

“I feel like 2011 has been one of the craziest years ever,” Rab said. “We’ve had tsunamis, nuclear disasters, the Occupy movement, along with a complete change in the way that everyone is now connected worldwide through social media. I think it’s been a really intense year for people, myself included. There’s been amazing things that have happened but also a prevailing sense of anxiety from 2011. At Club Nokia, I’m hoping that through art and beauty we can come to terms with all these events and things that are going on around us and see the beauty in all of it.”

He concluded, “I’d like for people to take this show as an opportunity to celebrate all the hardships that we’ve been going through and all the good things too. Let’s have one amazing experience where we can connect with each other emotionally to say goodbye to the past and welcome a new dawn.”

Download “I Alone” from Random Rab’s new album “Vissureal” here. Be sure to check out the entire album on his website.


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