Internationally Acclaimed Street Artists Herakut Find Perfect Collaboration Partners in Lucent Dossier Experience to Bring Their Signature Creatures to Life at The Palace Theater

Words by: DukeDuRock

To say that we’re excited would be a massive understatement when it comes to seeing what will transpire on-stage at The Palace Theater when visual virtuosos Lucent Dossier Experience bring to life the curious creatures of acclaimed German street art duo Herakut for a very special two-night, live art showcase, aptly entitled, “When Lucent Found Herakut.”

During our recent interview with Lucent Dossier Founder, Dream Rockwell, she called this up-coming show the “next evolution” of the performance art troupe and now Jasmin Siddiqui (AKA: Hera) of Herakut shares what this “dream pairing” has been like for her and longtime production partner Falk Lehman (AKA: Akut).

“It feels like it’s meant to be in a way,” explained Siddiqui during a break from the extensive rehearsals that are currently underway in preparation for the performances at The Palace Theater. “When I saw the dancers move during their rehearsals in the Lucent warehouse, they reminded me of all these sketches of Herakut characters we’ve done over the years.”

“We’re all playing together,” Siddiqui added. “Each one of the Lucent dancers are performing as a different Herakut character. It feels as though we have known them for awhile because we’ve been painting them on walls or canvases for so long. And now it’s like we finally get to meet them.”

When it came to bringing their characters to life, Siddiqui and Lehman knew that Lucent Dossier would be the perfect collaborators after being introduced to Rockwell by The Do ArT Foundation’s Executive Director, Carmen Zella, when Herakut last came to Los Angeles to paint a wall-size mural at The Do LaB’s downtown studio, Big Art Labs.

“As artists we pretty much come from the same space and when it comes to the creative process, they are all so driven,” Siddiqui shared of working with the Lucent Dossier Experience. “These are not your ordinary dance company dancers. They learn so much more than mere choreography, as they actually become the persona and perfectly embody our creatures. For us, it’s so much more interesting because we can talk to them as if they were our Herakut characters that we’ve grown to love so much.

She added, “When we talk and design things together it’s really on the same level. We finally found people who are not only able to envision big things but are actually able to do them. It’s a good mix between experience and creative freedom.”

For longtime followers of Herakut, these up-coming shows at The Palace Theater will offer fans the chance to see their beloved characters come to life in a way they never thought possible at one of Los Angeles’ most historic venues.

“The Palace Theater feels like home,” Siddiqui said of the show’s setting. “I walked in and instantly fell in love. This is my idea of an ideal place to put on a show like this. It’s even better than a brand-new theater because the old and historic elements of the Palace Theater, that’s what we go for. If we could have chosen any place in L.A. to do this, we would have chosen this spot.

“Everyone who’s into our style will love this,” Siddiqui added. “We make sure that all the images we put on are fantasy and will allow the audience to able to tap into their childhood. When you see the Lucent dancers, they have this innocent touch to them. When they dance it’s playful. It can be sexy too, but there’s always an innocence to what they do and that really lends itself well with our style. We really couldn’t have picked better partners for this project.”

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As with the work of both Herkaut and Lucent Dossier Experience, no two shows are ever the same and each night at The Palace Theater will offer the audience different interactive and spontaneous performances.

“I keep getting asked what’s the best night for people to come on,” Siddiqui shared with a laugh. “I don’t know because for us it’s always very exciting to see the start as you’re creating something out of nothing and then again, the second night when we’re finishing the pieces, it will be very interesting too. My recommendation is to come both nights and join us.”

“We’re not putting on the same show as we don’t want to paint the same stuff over and over,” added Siddiqui. “We want to challenge ourselves and let something grow and come to life. This is going to be a great month for us and we’re really excited to see what happens.

Just Announced: As if this performance couldn’t get any better, An-Ten-Nae and DJ Laura’s bass music project, LowRIDERz, will be keeping the party going strong immediately following the show on Friday night with their signature speaker-shaking sounds!

Don’t miss “When Lucent Met Herakut,” a special two-night only event at The Palace Theater on Friday, February 17th and Saturday February 18th! There are only a limited amount of tickets still available for purchase, so click below to get yours before they’re sold out!

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