R/D Answers Fan Questions and Brings Latest Sounds to King King for Live Show with Ooah and Deru

R/D is performing this Thursday March 8th at King King alongside Ooah and Deru and live painting by John Park and Ashley Bowers. Get your pre-sale tickets here.

Words by: Duke DuRock

San Francisco-based music producer R.D. White, best known as R/D, has been rocking our stages and speakers for some time, but over the past year he has released some of his best music to date with his most recent EP, “Bay Crush” as well as the first single from his new band, Pair of Arrows. Now he’s set to debut his latest batch of songs and inspired remixes at the King King alongside Robot Koch and longtime friend, Deru.

“I’ve got all the tunes from ‘Bay Crush’ worked into the live set now and I’m currently dropping in the new remixes,” revealed R/D about his plans for this show. “I’m also gonna play my new single, which is just mega bangin’! It’s going to be a lot of new stuff that has never been played out before, so I’m stoked for the maiden voyage!”

“Ben [Deru] and I go way back, so I’m aways stoked to see him and I love his music,” R/D added. “I remember driving back from Burning Man and my buddy was playing the first Deru CD. I think we listened to it like two or three times in a row, just rocking out and loving it. It turned out that my friend was a student at Cal Arts with Ben. I immediately said ‘we gotta book this guy,’ as I was promoting shows and DJing in LA at the time. We ended up having Ben play a bunch of shows over the years and we’ve been super tight ever since. I was even a groomsman in his wedding! The fact that we are playing this show together is plus-love.”

Fan Questions & EDM Trends

R/D’s energetic live sets of original music have kept dance floors moving from start to finish as he continuously pulls from a myraid of electronic dance music (EDM) styles. One of his fans, Bijan Mirkheshti, asked the producer about his thoughts on what the “next” trend of EDM might be.

“I’ve been in the EDM scene long enough to know you can never predict what’s going to be popular,‘ said R/D. “Right now Dillon Francis is taking Moombahton and ‘Nu Jump Up’ to a big audience. Many producers are starting to blend electro house and Dubstep into a nice, new brew. I think soon it will all be mashed into a new form of EDM that we haven’t come up with a name for yet.

“I’d say Dubstep is largely responsible for the explosion of electronic music in the U.S right now,” R/D added. “It seemed like a ‘craze’ for a while, but to me it’s the new techno. People now use Dubstep to describe almost any form of dance music. That’s how big it is. Its popularity might not last forever but it’s definitely here to stay, and we are all better off for it!  Personally, I’ve always steered clear of trends but lately I’ve been exploring them all; Dubstep, Moombahton, electro-house.  It’s been really freeing opening my mind to it all and it’s definitely influencing my new sound, big time.”

Photo by Phil Holland.

Fresh Sounds & Future Projects

After the strong positive reaction to R/D’s initial collaboration with the talented vocalist Swan for the “Bay Crush EP,” the two unveiled their new project, Pair of Arrows, which features fresh sounds from R/D not heard previously. The duo’s first single ‘Superimposed’ proved to be a big hit with longtime fans and has also opened up the producer to a whole new audience in the process.

“We had been working on this separate indie project called Pair Of Arrows for a year when I was finishing ‘Bay Crush,’” R/D recalled. “I felt like it really needed vocals and Swan came to the rescue. I’m sure she’ll appear more in my future solo stuff because her voice and ability to write beautiful melodies are just incredible.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of non-electronic music and I’ve dreamed of making it, but never had the opportunity,” R/D added. “Swan and I started collaborating and exploring our indie influences like Fever Ray, The XX, Bon Iver and it immediately clicked!  So we formed a duo, called it Pair Of Arrows and have been working together ever since. We’re currently working on an album and we’ll also be releasing another single soon.”

With so much new music on the way, R/D is especially excited to debut it for the first time in front of his previous hometown crowd. A proven festival favorite and having already performed alongside Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, the Glitch Mob and Flying Lotus, fan Nick Waterhouse wanted to know ‘If R/D could perform with anybody, who would it be?’. The producer’s list was as eclectic as one might expect from true musical chameleon: Fever Ray, Daft Punk, Radiohead and Skrillex.

R/D is the kind of progressive electronic music producer who is always eager to explore and embrace new directions within his sound. When asked by fans Andrew Ruesch and John Palmer on who some of his current favorite electronic producers are, R/D shared the following:

“I really don’t have a favorite EDM artist. I like bits and peices of a lot of artists and they become my favorite playlist. So recently I’ve been listening to these tunes non-stop: Mord Fustang – ‘A New World’ / Kill The Noise – ‘Real Life’? / Noisia – ‘Tommy’s Theme’ / Kill The Noise – ‘Kill The Noise (Dillon Francis Remix)’ / Minnesota – ‘Sunburst’

Speaking of tunes, check out R/D’s latest remixes below:

Hear even more music from R/D on his website.

Don’t miss seeing R/D at King King THIS THURSDAY, where he’ll be performing live with Ooah and Deru. There will also be live painting from John Park and Ashley Bowers, making this a party you won’t want to miss! Pre-sale tickets are strongly encouraged and can be purchased by clicking here.

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