Some of Electronic Music’s Finest Unite On-Stage as Ooah of The Glitch Mob Drops in for Surprise Set at King King with Deru & R/D

Photos by: Watchara Phomicinda

Words by: Duke DuRock

Video by: Howard Kan

When you’re put into a tough spot, it’s a great feeling knowing that you can count on family to lend a helping hand. After visa problems forced the cancelation of Robot Koch’s anticipated debut performance for The Do LaB, Josh Ooah of The Glitch Mob and PANTyRAiD, kindly stepped up for us, providing a big surprise for the beautiful crowd. In a rare solo set, Ooah threw down some blistering tunes that kept the dance floor packed all night along with the equally impressive sounds of his friends and fellow talented producers, Deru and R/D.

“We really wanted to see Robot Koch play and were bummed that he couldn’t make it, but the fact that Ooah got put on the bill is the biggest plus,” said R/D with a big smile shortly before he would close out the night in memorable fashion. “So tonight feels like a true L.A. reunion.”

“This line-up was definitely something I couldn’t miss,” exclaimed attendee Dru Doe. “Especially when I found out Ooah was taking over for Robot Koch, that was a pretty cool surprise. Plus, I’m always really excited to see all my beautiful family and friends that are here tonight.”

Deru Sets the Opening Tone

Fresh from our recent time spent in Costa Rica as part of the Envision Festival, it was great to see the King King so packed with plenty familiar faces, including Ooah’s Glitch Mob brethren, Boreta, Alex Becket and Jon Degooyer of Headtron, as well as Pumpkin (who will be performing at The El Rey Theater for us later this month). They, along with the rest of those in attendance, were treated to an exceptionally sequenced night of music. Deru kicked off the festivities and delivered the ideal opening set which had the crowd into it from the start as they grooved out to his hip-hop flavored selections and old-school surprises. 

“The hip-hop influence has always been a part of me as I started out as a scratch DJ,” shared Deru. “That rhythm is what comes out of me most naturally and it’s a good transition into Ooah and R/D.”

“I think tonight is a breath of fresh air to have an actual musical flow throughout the show,” added R/D. “You don’t normally get that these days. Especially being on tour, as the openers in a city are usually local guys and they all want to show off. So they will come with the absolute hardest ‘brostep’ they can possibly play at 9:00pm.”

Ooah Unleashes Moombahton Madness

The ultra-aggressive offspring of dubstep was the farthest thing from being played during Ooah’s set. The producer played plenty of Moombahton tunes though, providing an introductory lesson to the crowd on the latest sub-genre that is currently sweeping through the underground. By the time Ooah was done, the dance floor had reached capacity and was ready to explode as he introduced buddy R/D to close out the night.

R/D Rocks Hometown Crowd

The longtime Silverlake resident was ready for a homecoming party after his recent move to San Francisco and R/D served up plenty of heavy rhythms from a completely revamped live set of all original music. This included tracks from his last EP, “Bay Crush,” as well as road-testing two brand-new ones.

R/D has been one of my favorites for a very long time, so I’m a big fan,” said Pumpkin after the lights had came on. “It’s pretty rare that music makes me dance and it’s usually always house music that does, but I just danced my face off!”

“I don’t usually head-bang, but I just did during that set,” added Shira Loa. “It’s so amazing when one of your favorite people in the world plays some of your favorite music in the world.”

“Seeing the dance floor explode is probably one of the best feelings that I’ve ever had,” explained R/D. “These are my friends here tonight. I know they love my music, so I can let loose a little bit and just have fun. What I enjoy so much about playing here is that it’s people shaking their asses and really dancing, not just jumping up and down.”

Live Painting Pairing Proves Inspiring

The surprise musical lineup synched up perfectly with another impromptu pairing, courtesy of artists John Park and Ashely Bowers. Together they teamed up to continue the painting they had initially started together during our Halloween show with Pumpkin and LowRIDERz in late 2011.

“I feel pretty honored to be able to stand next to John Park and paint together,” shared Bowers. “I’ve known him forever and admired his work, but just recently had the guts to ask to collaborate. I always learn a lot from him every time I talk to him, so it’s been cool as he’s easy to work with.”

While the two have only teamed up together twice, their contrasting styles came together effortlessly to create an ever-changing piece of art throughout the night. Bowers, who is also a fashion model, went to Cal State Long Beach to study art, but ultimately it was the combination of those traditional teachings mixed with the spirited work of her father, who was in attendance and is a Burning Man participant for the last fifteen years, that has influenced the work Bowers has been putting out in recent years.

“In my personal work, I normally paint with oils on canvas, but it’s tough to do that live because oil paintings stay wet and it’s messy,” Bowers explained. “Plus I can’t paint on canvas because the bass from the music rattles the canvas.”

The team of John Park and Ashley Bowers worked swiftly and seamlessly to the music that was emanating from the speakers, entrancing the attendees who surrounded them throughout the night.

“John is like a machine,” Bowers marveled. “He paints so fast, I don’t know how he does it. With live painting, people want to see a big change throughout the night. I need to paint fast, so it’s a good thing if the music keeps me energized. This is awesome to do this as live painting is still a pretty new thing to the art world; to be able to show our work in a nightlife setting. People don’t really expect to see a painter in a bar when they go out, so this is really good for the art community.”

While the day began with uncertainty, in the end everything came together perfectly as the party proved to be another magical Thursday evening to savor with friends both new and old on the dance floor. We’d like to thank all the artists who shared their creative talents and to all those who came out with such immense energy to make this night so special!

“The energy of the night keeps me coming to these events,” shared Doe. “I get really filled up by the positivity of the people here and it’s a really great way to start the weekend early!”




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