Emancipator & Marley Carroll Discuss West Coast Tour With Shigeto Stopping in LA This Thursday at King King

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When we last saw Oregon-based producer Doug Appling, best known by his production alias Emancipator, he had just played The Do LaB’s special pre-NYE show at Club Nokia. It was here that he revealed his highly-anticipated third album that was in the final stages of completion. Now the acclaimed producer is excited to give his new material one final road-test with a West Coast tour that hits Los Angeles this Thursday, March 22nd at King King. In advance of the show, we spoke with both Appling and tour opener Marley Carroll, who along with Ghostly International recording artist Shigeto, will take to the stage while live painting from Ceci Castelblanco provides the perfect visual accompaniment.

I’ve toured twice with Marley before and he’s an amazing and very talented musician,” said Appling during a break from final pre-tour preparations. “He’s going to be opening and has very good taste in the sounds he selects and his DJ abilities. Shigeto I’ve met and shared the stage with before. I really like listening to his music as he’s got live drums and kinda jazzy breakbeats. So it’s very interesting stuff for the audience and it’s going to be great to have these guys on the tour.”

“I couldn’t be happier about this opportunity as I have a lot of respect for Doug,” added Carroll. “He definitely deserves a lot of credit for helping my music reach a lot more ears because of Doug’s belief in my sound. We hooked up through Autonomous Music, which is our mutual booking agency, and we’ve done two pretty big tours together. It’s been a blast both times because he’s such a cool, respectful, low-key individual and the perfect person to go on the road with. We get along really well and the same goes with Shigeto. I’ve been into his music for a long time, so this tour will be very exciting.”

Organic Meets Electronic Sounds On-Stage

Each of the three music artists on this tour brings a classically trained approach to their productions, creating a sonic stew of electronic and organic elements that offer rich, textured songs that are still dance floor friendly.

“All three of us like to blend in styles of acoustic instrumentation and electronic production,” explained Appling. “In Marley’s set he does singing and plays other instruments. Shigeto has live drums and I’ll have Ilya Goldberg once again on live violin. So throughout the night there will be plenty of organic sounds.”

“We represent the leftfield, organic and downtempo sounds of electronic music,” added Carroll. “We’re all multi-instrumentalists and we don’t come from a purely electronic background. I think that explains a lot about the sounds that we create. Each of us is trying to bring something a little more live and performance-orientated to the audience than your typical laptop DJ.”

Plenty of New Music to be Played

Both Appling and Carroll are eager to premiere their latest sounds at King King. Appling will once again be joined on stage by violinist, and frequent collaborator, Ilya Goldberg. The two have also been working together on his forthcoming album.

“We’re going to be playing a lot of different stuff and lots of tracks from the new album which are sounding better than ever,” Appling excitedly shared. “After our recent East Coast tour, Ilya and I have really dialed a lot of things in as far as our performance. We have really gotten more and more connected musically over the last several months from working closely together on the new album. We’re trying to add his violins in a similar way to how we present it at the live shows.”

Soulful Dance Music

With innovative producers like Emancipator, Marley Carroll and Shigeto performing, there promises to be plenty of musical surprises in store for the King King crowd. While their studio albums tend to be on the cinematic and downtempo side of the electronic music spectrum, each performer knows how to construct their live sets to keep the audience grooving.

“It’s dance music, but at its core you still want the music to be soulful,” offered Appling. “I think the best is when you can fuse those two worlds together. If someone at this show hadn’t heard my music before, I’d hope this would prove to be an ear-opening experience. I would want them feeling excited to share it with others and be something that also leaves a positive feeling within them.”

“I would like for people to be moved,” added Carroll. “I would also like to expand their definitions or expectations of electronic music and how it’s performed. With the current wave of DJs coming up, I think there’s this vast opening where a lot of really good art could come through. So it’s important for people to keep trying to be creative and push boundaries; not just settle on the ‘press-play’ mentality.”


Beginning West Coast Tour with The Do LaB

Emancipator has been a huge fan-favorite at The Do LaB’s events over the last couple of years. Now the producer is eager to bring his West Coast tour with the community that has supported him so much, while also sharing with them the impressive sounds of Marley Carroll and Shigeto.

“It seems like I never know what the energy is going to be like until I’m actually up on stage performing, but I have been really happy with how the crowds at The Do LaB shows have received my music,” said Appling. “It’s really an open, welcoming environment where people are tuned into the music. This show is going to be great for them. I’m really happy and proud of the music that we’ve put together for this tour and what’s coming up on the new album. So I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone at King King.”

Get some free tunes from Emancipator below and pay what you want for Marley Carroll’s new album and tracks below: 

Don’t miss seeing Emancipator and Marley Carroll on their West Coast tour with Shigeto this Thursday night, March 22nd at King King! There will also be beautiful live painting throughout the event courtesy of Ceci Castelblanco, to help make this a night that’s not to be missed!

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