MartyParty Excited to Bring Six Shots Tour to Los Angeles at Dim Mak Studios with NastyNasty & Jupit3r

MartyParty returns to Los Angeles on March 21st at Dim Mak Studios in Hollywood. He is joined by NastyNasty and Jupit3r. Pre-sale tickets for this event are available online. 

Words by: @DukeDurock 

This week we’ve got a packed slate of shows planned for you and the first is a collaboration with our friends at Insomniac/Bassrush and features one of our longtime favorite producers, MartyParty. He has just released his latest album, “Six Shots of Jameson” and is currently embarking on his very first headlining tour. This Wednesday, March 21st, MartyParty will be staging a dance floor take-over at Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Studios in Hollywood along with the equally speaker-shaking sounds of NastyNasty and Jupit3r.

“I’m stoked,” said MartyParty while en route to a tour stop in San Francisco. “I’ve known Jasper (NastyNasty) for a while now, but I haven’t heard his set in a bit so I’m excited about that. Jupit3r has also been a friend of mine for a number of years, so it’s always good to hang out with him and hear what he’s up to. But this is all about the MartyParty fans. It’s a 2+ hour show and I play all my own original music throughout.”

Career-Defining New Album

With over 300 releases to his credit, it’s safe to say that MartyParty’s music has certainly evolved over the course of his career. Yet through his massive back catalog, his productions have always remained true to providing plenty of melody to pair with hip-hop heavy, bone-crunching beats. In his latest album, “Six Shots of Jameson,” MartyParty offers listeners an impressive collection of diverse tracks that are currently tearing up dance floors across the country.

“On my last tour I wrote the initial sketches and played a lot of them out,” Marty recalled. “Then when I went back to my studio for two weeks, put them all together, got the artwork and put it out on my own label. It’s been really successful so I’m currently playing at least four or five tracks from it at every show. They’re always different and really epic.”

“This new album is just a complete derivative of what I do for a living,” Marty added. “I perform my music for people, so it’s songs I want to make for my set. If you’ve ever seen me live it goes from melodic, psychedelic hip-hop to hard, heavy instrumental bass moments and then back again. So this album is really reflecting that arrangement.

“The next one will be even more of a evolution of that, so it’s going to be pretty exciting for people to see.”

Original Sounds

While Dubstep may currently be the genre du jour for today’s dance floor generation, MartyParty’s music has always been known to pull from his vast musical influences, with Dubstep merely serving as one tool in his repertoire.

“Every producer is different and every market is different,” Marty said. “That’s the whole big evolution of the movement of music. To me, there’s before-the-party music, headline-party music and then the after-party music. A lot of DJs play the headline style of music in the ‘before-the-party’ moments. I think that has really ruined the genre and ‘brostep’ is just derivative of that. It’s too intense for too long. But some people like that and we shouldn’t judge. I personally prefer people that like different shit. A lot of people are hating on the Dubstep sound, but from an artist’s perspective it’s just like using paint. You can use the same color of paint in a lot of different ways.”

First Headline Tour

Through hard work and relentless touring, MartyParty has rapidly grown in popularity over the last few years. Audiences can’t seem to get enough of his solo productions or work in PANTyRAiD, because it’s music that appeals equally to both dance floor demographics.

“As a composer my sole intention is to speak from both voices,” Marty explained. “Everybody has a little bit of both sides in them, so you might as well speak it out so everyone can touch base with the song. My sets unfold like a story or an opera.  Or an argument in a relationship. That’s something which has been coming together really well and something I think people will really like at Dim Mak Studios. The new songs are good and the audience is beginning to understand what it is that I’m doing, which is ultimately to create a party that you just can’t get anywhere else.”

The relationship between MartyParty and The Do LaB dates back to our Lightning in a Bottle Festival’s earliest years. The then-aspiring producer would volunteer to help us build the stages and eventually in the ensuing years to come he would perform on our stages. The chance to team up with his close friends to help bring his first headline tour to Los Angeles will undoubtedly provide yet another unforgettable memory in a friendship that continues to thrive.

“I’ve known the Flemming brothers and the team for a long time,” Marty shared. “We’ve had a long amazing history together of music, performances and events. To come back and meet up in L.A. with your close friends is always special. It’s like being able to throw a party to have a reunion. Now that there’s this whole fan-base and there’s a vibe, plus an amazing venue, it’s going to be epic.”

Mixtape for Your Party

Download MartyParty’s brand new mixtape, simply named “PartyTime Mixtape” below:

Don’t miss being a part of MartyParty’s “Six Shots” tour this Wednesday, March 21st at Dim Mak Studios! He’ll be joined by Nastynasty and Jupit3r to make for a midweek party that’s sure to be rocking all night long!

Remaining pre-sale ticket purchases are strongly encouraged, so click here to buy yours today.

Be sure to tell us what you think of MartyParty’s music in the comment section below!

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