Emancipator Debuts New Songs and Visuals During Sold-Out West Coast Tour Performance with Shigeto and Marley Carroll

Video by: Smash LeFunk

Photos by: Wobs and Smash LeFunk

Words By: @DukeDuRock

Last week The Do LaB welcomed back one of our favorite music producers, Doug “Emancipator” Appling, who brought his current West Coast tour to town for a sold-out show at King King. Appling couldn’t have hand-picked two better producers to bring along for the ride with Shigeto and Marley Carroll, who both captivated the crowd by combining electronic music with live instrumentation.

“These guys are great,” said Shigeto shortly before his set. “I enjoy being paired with groups that are incorporating different sounds, especially more organic elements like how Marley has his live vocals, Emancipator has Ilya Goldberg on violin and then I’ve got my drums.”

He added, “I get labeled as a DJ a lot. I’ll be playing a laptop set one night when I don’t have my drum kit and somebody will be like, ‘Hey, do you have any of this…’ so it gets pretty tiring after awhile. But when I’m with Emancipator and Marley, the crowd can see that we’re bringing something extra to the stage.”

Marley Carroll & Shigeto Impress With Live Performances

Marley Carroll started the night by turning a lot of heads with his beautiful original music, where his pleasant vocals combine with well-produced IDM beats to make for a sound that’s all his own.

Shigeto’s set offered up a much different vibe then those heard on his records for Ghostly International. The New Yorker raised the collective energy level of the King King up by infusing his music with his impressive live percussion skills, as hip-hop beats gave way to jazzy flourishes and each passing song offered the audience something distinctly different from what had just preceded it.

“Tonight’s cool because I feel that electronic music in general is almost headed in reverse,” explained Shigeto. “At the beginning we were trying to mimic acoustic instruments with electronics and then we were trying to make alien-esque sounds that were impossible to create with organic instruments. Now we’re taking organic instruments and trying to re-interpret those back into the electronics.”


Inviting Audience Welcomes New Sounds

The capacity crowd proved eager to hear some proper downtempo music as they came out to support these three exceptional artists in enthusiastic fashion.

“This show is great because I love downtempo and more chill kind of music,” shared concert attendee Jed Justin Gumiran. “It’s more listenable to me throughout the day. I can’t cook my eggs to Dubstep.”

“I feel like I’m painting about dreaming tonight,” shared the evening’s live painter, Ceci Castelblanco. “We’re all going to be experiencing something beautiful together.”

“I love breaks, funk and booty bass for my party music,” added concertgoer Dub Steph. “But what I love about shows from The Do LaB is that they book artists like Emancipator where there’s just a different element because they’re taking it to the next level with live music.”

Emancipator Entrances With Visual Show & Latest Songs

Emancipator closed out the night by teaming with his frequent collaborator, Ilya Goldberg, who’s live violin stylings added extra emotional resonance to each track. Together they served up for a seamlessly sequenced set which saw plenty of crowd favorites peppered in amongst plenty of fresh tracks from his forthcoming third album. Emancipator’s songs have never sounded better, especially when paired with a stunning new light show, which serves as the perfect visual accompaniment to his sublime sounds.

“It’s always been something that I’ve been thinking about adding,” shared Appling. “I’ve seen other electronic music shows where I’ve really enjoyed the visual element and thought that it added a lot. I knew I could do something like that to compliment my music and the day finally came where we met the right person who was ready to work with us and he’s delivered a lot of dope stuff.”

“For me personally, playing a sold-out show in Los Angeles is really living my dream,” added Goldberg. “These are the sacred moments that keep me going in life. Here it’s the highest energy with the friendliest people, which makes it so much easier to open up and play my music for them. So thanks to all those who come out and support us and those who give us a stage to play on. It’s one of the most important things in my life and I’m very grateful.”

The Do LaB would like to thank Emancipator, Shigeto and Marley Carroll for a magical night of live music, along with the exquisite painting of Ceci Castelblanco and of course all those who attended.

What did YOU think of this show? Share with us your favorite moments from the night in the comment section below!

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