MartyParty Marks First Headline Tour With Sold-out Hollywood Show at Dim Mak Studios Alongside NastyNasty & Jupit3r

Photos by: Watchara and Macy

Words by: @DukeDuRock

MartyParty, one of The Do LaB’s longtime Lightning in a Bottle (LIB) favorites and 1/2 of PANTyRAiD with production partner Josh Ooah of The Glitch Mob, made his first solo headline tour stop in Hollywood an especially memorable one with a sold-out show at Dim Mak Studios. The always energetic artist was joined by his good friends and fellow producers, NastyNasty and Jupit3r, as each artist performed genre-smashing sets of all original music for a raucous midweek audience.

“What I like is to play with people like Jasper (NastyNasty) and Jupit3r who are both producers,” shared MartyParty during a pre-show chat with NastyNasty. “I get to play with a lot of DJs and that’s cool, but I really like to play with people who make their own music because they’re on the same page as me. There’s a certain connection with them and it makes for a better show as you get to see the artists play their own music to their fans.”

Jupit3r Sets the Tone & Previews New EP

The Do LaB’s own Jupit3r kicked off the night with a blistering set of original music, previewing tracks from his highly-anticipated forthcoming EP, “Capital Rhino.” The bass-heavy title track served as the perfect closer and left the crowd clamoring for more.

“I’m not trying to be the Dubstep DJ or the glitch-hop guy, I just want to be me and create my own sound,” explained Jupit3r. “But tonight is a special night where I’m excited to play all my own tracks and collaborations with producers like Stephan Jacobs and some other friends whom I’ve been writing with lately. So it’s great to be able to bring the complete Jupit3r package to Dim Mak Studios.”

“It’s nice to come back to LA and be a part of a night with a bunch of great artists,” added Jupit3r. “Marty and Jasper are both setting the bar right now across America touring and making some banging tracks that are getting a great response from the kids. So to be a part of that tonight is an honor.”

NastyNasty Turns Up the Intensity

Perhaps no producer’s music personifies his moniker quite like NastyNasty does. Over the course of his hour-long set, he packed the dance floor, unleashing his own brand of bass music that brought out the beast within all of us.

“There was a lot of elements in play when I came up with that name,” recalled NastyNasty. “Part of it was I was making a new type of music for myself. I used to produce breakcore, which is super-fast drum & bass that’s chopped up. As I slowed my sounds down, I wanted to rebrand, so I was searching for a name that was both reflective of the sound but also extraordinarily easy to remember if you were drunk in the club because that is important.”

“I also sampled a shitload of porn, and I still do to this day,” laughed NastyNasty. “I’ll never stop. I just find that ass slaps and gagging noises make really good percussion sounds. There’s beauty and tragedy in sort of the darker parts of our human psyches. I feel like it’s better to tap into that and exercise those demons and turn it into something beautiful than keep it hidden inside.”

MartyParty Proves Anything is Possible

Throughout his 2 hour headline set, MartyParty had the capacity crowd at Dim Mak Studios going crazy to his signature sounds. He played all his own music, digging through his 300+ track back catalog and including plenty of bangers from his latest album, “Six Shots of Jameson.” By the time the lights eventually came on, MartyParty was still going strong; savoring every second of his first solo headline tour with a crowd that have supported him from his earliest days as a volunteer for The Do LaB.

“I’m 41,” proclaimed MartyParty. “I only started producing five years ago, so this should be an inspiring story for all those out there who want to do this!” These innovative artists share a common kindred spirit, along with a DIY-mentality as they represent a new generation of electronic music producers.

“I’m really grassroots,” explained MartyParty of the current crop of electronic music producers. “I self-manage myself and I have my own label to release my music. The Internet and my fan base is pretty much my direct connection to my entire business. It’s all I have. I don’t rely on anything else.”

The Do LaB would like to congratulate our good friend MartyParty on his first headline tour and for putting on an incredible show with equally exceptional performances from NastyNasty and Jupit3r as well.

Did you get down with MartyPartyNastyNasty and Jupit3r at Dim Mak Studios? Share with us your memories from this night in the comment section below!

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