EOTO Showcases New Lotus Stage During Jaw-Dropping Performance at El Rey Theater with Bluetech & Pumpkin

Photos by: Watchara Phomicinda 

Words by: @DukeDuRock

Nobody does live electronic music quite like EOTO, who once again reminded us of this fact during their recent standout show at the El Rey Theater. The immensely talented duo of Jason Hann and Michael Travis were joined by the equally progressive sounds of Bluetech and Pumpkin, plus beautiful live painting from Radhika Hersey and Tony Koehl, to make for a full sensory concert experience that won’t be forgotten by those who attended anytime soon.

“We’ve been anticipating this one for awhile,” shared Hann shortly before the band took to the stage. “Its been about 1 1/2 years since we played our own show in L.A and I’ve been thinking about the El Rey for awhile now because I really like this theater. But man, the lineup that The Do LaB put together is unbelievable. It’s great to have a night with a lot of variety in it because you don’t get that all the time.”

Pumpkin Gets the Party Started

Nick “Pumpkin” Alvarado continues to show that he’s one of the most adaptable producers in the game as his opening set offered further proof that he can be slotted anywhere on a lineup and sequence a sublime set from start to finish.

“I had an absolute blast,” Pumpkin said after arguably playing one of his finest DJ sets since last year’s Lightning in a Bottle Festival. “It was great how quickly the room filled up, and I feel proud of the set I delivered. Plus, I was so honored to open for Bluetech, who played an amazing set with a bunch of new material.”

Bluetech Premieres New Music

Following Pumpkin’s genre-smashing opening salvo, Bluetech stepped up and delivered a standout set of all original music, including 45 minutes of fresh material that had previously never been heard before. His trademark deep, intoxicating melodies, bass and beats made it seem as though you were submerged in the deepest part of the ocean.

“I feel like it went really well and I definitely played a bunch of new stuff that I’m really proud of,” proclaimed Bluetech shortly after his live set concluded. “If I’m doing my job right, I’m bringing the audience to a new place. The more diverse the crowd is, the more I feel that I have room to spread my creative wings and touch people.”

EOTO Takes Live Improvisation to the Next Level 

By the time EOTO took their place in a custom-built, Lotus stage, the crowd was roaring in anticipation. They were left awe-struck once the band began playing and the stage became illuminated by beautiful video-mapped images that seamlessly synched up to EOTO’s ever-changing sounds.

“When we were building it, my idea was that it needs to look beautiful whether there’s video mapping on it or not,” explained Zebbler, EOTO’s exceptional VJ. “I’m pretty proud of it on that level and it also makes it feel like the band is floating in a spaceship with magical musical capabilities.”

“I really love and admire these guys,“ Zebbler added of working with EOTO. “Just the fact that they improvise every time out is so meaningful to me and they are such nasty musicians being from The String Cheese Incident. They are probably one of the hardest working bands in show business.

EOTO captivated the El Rey audience with their trademark improvised performance style, weaving through a dizzying array of different music genres in the process. The band were so fired up by the crowd, they continued to jam out even after the lights came on.

“They play 300 shows a year and never cease to surprise me,” shared the band’s production and current tour manager, Megan Sabella. “EOTO’s sound is constantly evolving and it’s kind of hard to put your finger on it. Seeing EOTO perform is a nonstop dance party and the fact that each show is always different makes it something truly special.”

The Do LaB would like to thank EOTO, Bluetech and Pumpkin for a remarkable night of live music, along with everyone who came out to support it, plus the inspired painting of Radhika Hersey and Tony Koehl.

Click here to download EOTO’s incredible live set from this show.

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