Paper Diamond Bedazzles Audience During Sold-Out Tiger Style Tour Stop at King King Alongside Minnesota & DJ Rad!

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Words by: @DukeDuRock

Alex “Paper Diamond” Botwin has been on a meteoric rise since he stormed our Coachella stage last year, and the Colorado-based producer has been captivating crowds while touring non-stop ever since. He recently embarked on his first West Coast headlining tour, “Tiger Style,” and brought his brand-new, visual-heavy live show to a sold-out King King in Hollywood alongside touring partner and budding star Minnesota, plus Los Angeles favorite DJ Rad!

“This is my first time headlining on the West Coast,” Botwin said shortly before the show. “We’re really glad to be back here in L.A., but to come to a place like King King with The Do LaB and sell it out is unbelievable. I’m very grateful to be able to come here and play the music that I’ve been working so hard on.

“I know it’s going to be an amazing night because we got my boy Minnesota with me and he’s absolutely killing it out there right now,” Botwin added. “I believe the reason people are coming out in full-force is that we have a proper show for everybody. But this is a big one for us, so we’re pulling out all the stops for tonight!”

Minnesota Turns Heads During Los Angels Debut

Kicking off the night were the roaring beats of DJ Rad! who wasted no time in showing the packed dance floor that they were in for some serious bass music. After DJ Rad! properly got the party started, he gave way to Christian Bauhofer, better known by his production alias, Minnesota, much to the crowd’s delight. The Santa Cruz-based producer/DJ may have only started producing his own music a mere two years ago, but his melodic, hip-hop infused style of booming bass music has drawn comparisons to his musical inspirations MartyParty, Bassnectar and MiM0SA.

“A lot of his earlier stuff is very psychedelic and melodic and that’s kinda what I latched onto,” said Bauhofer of the apt comparisons to his good friend Tigran MiM0SA. “He’s probably been one of my biggest influences. I just try to play a good balance of the really melodic stuff but also some super heavy stuff as well so you can party.”

Minnesota delivered a standout set that melded musical genres into a bass-heavy brew that included a particularly nasty remix of Notorious B.I.G’s classic “Gimme the Loot” that had the at capacity dance floor worked into a sweaty, chanting frenzy. Bauhofer has quickly found a style all his own in a relatively short amount of time, but by taking part in the Paper Diamond tour, he has been learning a lot from a producer who was in a similar position only a year ago.

“When Alex did the whole transition to Paper Diamond it was cool to see because he did it perfectly,” Bauhofer explained. “During the last year he’s really got his name out there and it’s definitely been inspiring for me. To be on tour with him and see his new live sets, he really takes the crowd to another level, so I’m learning a lot from doing this.”

Much like Paper Diamond last year, Bauhofer is looking forward to making his Coachella debut at The Do LaB stage as well as playing this year’s Lightning in a Bottle Festival.

“I’m really excited for Coachella because I know a lot of people are going to roll into The Do LaB’s stage setup with no idea about this kind of music because that was me in 2009,” said Bauhofer. “But just the chance to play for the crowd that The Do LaB brings out is an honor. If it wasn’t for this community I probably wouldn’t be making the kind of music that I am.”

Paper Diamond Returns with Eye-Popping Live Set

Artists like Paper Diamond and Minnesota are part of a core group of young producers who know how to properly build a set from start to finish, relying on ample melody without playing non-stop bangers. Paper Diamond came armed with a set of all-new music and exclusive remixes, where each track offered a different twist and tempo. The constant was speaker-shaking bass lines and shimmering melodies that run rampant throughout the set, while seamlessly synching up to a spellbinding new light display to make for a powerful audio and visual assault on the dance floor.

“I’m gonna be at every BPM and doing something different, so it’s cool to not stick to those rules that are put upon so many different artists,” Botwin shared. “I’m really doing me right now and that’s exciting. I want people to get real fired up and then I’m going to take them elsewhere into something more ethereal. All of my music is made with the intention to evoke emotion. Different parts of my set I’m trying to evoke different emotions from the dance floor and take people on a journey that’s not just banger after banger.”

New Projects in 2012

Despite his busy year, Paper Diamond doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. His live show will continue to evolve as work with designers and illustrators is underway. He’s also preparing 2 new EPs, plus he recently shot a music video in New Orleans and even has hit the recording studio with hip-hop icon Manny Fresh. It’s all a massive change from this same time last year, but Botwin is embracing all his exciting new endeavors.

“I’m still developing as an artist in many ways but I feel like I have experience in certain things now and I’m using that to really hone in on a sound which is general enough that I can make any genre of music,” Botwin shared. Right now with what I’m making, I’m just getting so much enjoyment out of it. The fans are reacting positively and I feel like everything is coming together. I’ve been a musician for my entire life, but I’ve only been doing this Paper Diamond thing since January of last year and it’s been more fun and the craziest progression since then.”

“I want to thank The Do LaB and anyone who comes out to support these shows,” added Botwin. “The Do LaB has always been very supportive of me and all my musical endeavors. They are a great group of people helping artists achieve their dreams. I feel like I’m living my dream life and The Do LaB has helped me get there, so I’m very grateful for that.”

The Do LaB would like to thank Paper Diamond, Minnesota and DJ Rad! for a big-time night of bass music, along with everyone who came out and made the energy so strong. Be sure to catch Paper Diamond on tour and don’t miss seeing Minnesota perform on The Do LaB’s stage at Coachella and at this year’s Lightning in a Bottle as well!

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