Artist Preview: NiT GriT, GoldRush, Labels, Jesse Noemind

WE ARE VERY EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THE DO LAB WILL BE HOSTING EVENTS IN SAN DIEGO IN 2013!!! So we are inviting all our friends and extended family from San Diego to join us for our first event in SD on Saturday January 26th as we present NiT GriT, GoldRush, Labels and Jesse Noemind at The Ruby Room. Limited $20 pre-sale available online and then at the door at a first come first served basis. Please arrive early!


One frequent criticism of electronic music is that its synthetically generated sounds lack the capacity to induce the same level of emotion as live instrumentation. San Jose Dubstep producer NiT GriT (Danny Beall) casts aside these doubts, shattering common misconceptions with his incredibly inspired and deeply personal sound. Feelings of rage, passion, betrayal, uncertainty, and other meaningful elements of the human experience are all distinctly present in the dark and brooding melodies woven from the very fabric of NiT GriT’s imagination.

Completely unlike any other performance, NiT GriT appears on-stage as a living titan of bass, possessed as if infused with the colossal power of his own thunderous bass-lines. NiT GriT boldly demolishes genre norms, demonstrating beyond any doubt that even an often over-used formula can yield phenomenal results when imbued with deep personal honesty and a devout attention to the most minute details. His profound success as a self-built independent musician coupled with his heartfelt, soulful compositions serve as an inspiration to fans and fellow musicians alike. With nearly all of his tracks appearing almost instantaneously on SoundCloud’s weekly “What’s Hot” charts, NiT GriT has developed a reputation as an absolutely viral internet phenomenon. However, despite his rapid rise as a pioneer of the american Dubstep sound, NiT GriT remains a personal musical project, built from the ground up by the always- humble Danny Beall.

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Listen to Nit GriT’s latest music below: 


GoldRush, absorbed in the current resonant energies and profound experience of dancing to/through/within/above/beyond bass heavy music, is on a humble quest to create and deliver music that inspires Romanticism through dubstep influenced composition. Fusing melodic elements of the classical, acoustic, ethereal, synthetic and downright dirty, GoldRush crafts soundscapes from the heart, with the intention to move your body, touch your soul, and activate your mind with a musical dance experience open to the alchemy of the present moment. GoldRush is sweating through molten sound and clarifying reflective intention in hopes to one day bring you what you want: the Gold.

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Listen to GoldRush’s latest music below: 


Zach Smith aka “Labels” has emerged from the depths of the subsonic realm to deliver audiences with a journey through low-end audio frequencies showcasing today’s up and coming sounds of glitch, crunk and down-tempo. Thriving in the world of modulated bass, Labels remains dynamic – unleashing a continuum of energy on the dance floor ranging from high-energy bangers to romantic and soothing down-tempo bass. Whether he is delivering the hype or setting the tone for sexy bass-infused sunrises, Labels’ mix captivates and manipulates the emotions of his audience.

Listen to Labels’ latest music below

Live Digital Art by Jesse Noemind

Jesse Noemind is both an LA based artist and universal light transmitter. Through an alchemical approach to the dream with in a dream, he provokes higher states of consciousness. Setting an unprecedented live digital painting tour, noemind has performed at more than 80 shows in 2 years while pushing the envelope of digital art. While working with a diverse range of performance artists, music producers performing live and designing album art, noemind has also explored the fashion world and is breaking through the snowboard industry. You may have seen the art of noemind at events such as: Burning Man, Cochella, Lightning in a Bottle, Envision (Costa Rica) and most transformational festivals, enchanting the environment through color therapy and visual-theta-technology. The intention behind these creations calls forth unconditional love, healing energy, and restoration of all imbalances on this planet – and all dimensions everywhere.


The Details…

January 26th, 2013

The Ruby Room
1271 University Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103

This event is 21+

$15 limited pre-sale
$20 final pre-sale and door price

We’ll see you on the dance floor soon SAN DIEGO!

NiT GriT photos by Daniel Zetterstrom and Tensquare. GoldRush photo by Daniel Jung. 

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