GoldRush Shares Exclusive New Mix With Our Readers Ahead Of San Diego Show With The Do LaB

Looking ahead to our debut Do LaB Presents event in San Diego this Saturday January 26th featuring performances from NiT GriT, GoldRush and Labels at Ruby Room, we sent GoldRush some of our’s and our reader’s questions and you can read the full interview below. Get your discount pre-sale tickets online now and be sure to listen to and download GoldRush’s brand new mix made just for you!

Do LaB: With 2012 behind us, are there any special moments that are still glowing from last year?  

GoldRush: “2012 was a busy and transformative year, with so much to be thankful for along the way. I had an incredible time playing LIB (Lightning in a Bottle), and The Do LaB stage at Coachella. The ability to reach new fans at those events is incredible.” 

“A special moment that is still glowing for me was 5 Points Gathering. It was a very different type of event, being that it was held on top of a ski mountain with hikes and views everywhere. It takes a dedicated participant to bring their gear up a chairlift for the weekend! It was also the first festival produced largely by Headtron. I think we channeled some light and magic creative energy that weekend, and had a blast doing it. I’m really proud of everyone who put forth the effort to make that event happen.”

Do LaB: What are your goals for 2013?

GoldRush: “2013 is all about increasing my efficiency as an artist. My goals include releasing more music faster, and reaching new fans across the country. Also I’d like to start including more production elements, visual and spatial, to the GoldRush aesthetic as we move further into 2013. I also have a goal to meditate more consistently.”

Do LaB: Tell us about your new EP?

GoldRush: “My new EP is entitled “The Third Omen” and will be released with Gravitas Recordings on February 14th, 2013. The tracks are very close to my heart and hold an interesting place in my evolution as an artist and a human being. It’s a bit of a different release, with some very lush moments and ethereal landscapes. The melodies grew from a garden of deep emotional spaces of attraction, lust, attachment, withdrawal, tension, departure, and love. I look forward to the release.”

Do LaB: Tell us about Goldspace, and your design work and installation art. Will we be seeing more Goldspace and DoLaB collaborations soon?

GoldRush: “Goldspace is an emerging design and production company that I started to focus on installation, stage design, interiors, and other spatial arts. I have a background in architecture and have been working with installation art projects on the side for a few years now. As Headtron is expanding with a desire to add more production elements to our events, Goldspace steps in to design, facilitate, and creatively direct official Headtron productions.”

“With a talented crew including videographer Smash LeFunk, visual projection artist Jigglesworth Visuals, and now stage design and production by Goldspace all under the Headtron’s ‘production’ artist roster, we are forming a dynamic team that can begin to support all of our talented musicians and take their live shows to the next level. The Do LaB have been great in supporting our efforts with this, and the debut of the Yuccatron at their event with Andreilien was a huge success. I am constantly inspired by the designs and production of The Do LaB and I hope we collaborate again together soon.” 

Do LaB: Does the color Gold symbolize anything to you?

GoldRush: “To me in a mystical sense, Gold symbolizes the Light of Truth. Something like: It just ain’t gonna shine unless you are discovering a personal Truth while creating it. I feel this a lot when creating, and that’s why meditation and Kung Fu are so important to the creative process for me.”

“However on a more personal level, Gold represents family to me. I gain a lot of strength from the love of my family, and especially the wisdom of my late grandfather Dr. Allan Goldstein. I think of him when I think of Gold.”

Do LaB: What inspires you when you’re creating music or designing art?

GoldRush: “The Moon, dreams, meditation, synchronicity, superfoods, the divine feminine, exercise and friends. I pray a lot, so it’s safe to say that a lot of my inspiration comes from prayer. But honestly I get the most stoked when I’m in an airport terminal for the hour before boarding. I go to flights early just for that period of uninterrupted bliss!”

Fan Questions:

Ian asks: “What’s it like transcending space and time?”  

GoldRush: “Infinite vision. Like that song by The Who: ‘I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles… oh yeah.’”

Mikey asks: “How did all of you guys at Headtron meet?

GoldRush: “Honestly forces of the Universe/Synchronicity brought us all together with a similar vision. But I would say the strongest force that has kept us together has been our friendship.”

We want to thanks GoldRush for taking the time to answer yours and our questions and and for offering this free download of his new mix.

We can’t wait to experience his performance this Saturday January 26th at our first event in San Diego alongside NiT GriT and Labels at Ruby Room.

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