Show Preview: The Headtron Takeover on February 1st 2014

EventBuyTicketsJoin us on February 1st as we present the Headtron Takeover at the El Rey Theatre featuring performances by Andreilien, Gladkill, Russ Liquid, Sugarpill, ChrisB., GoldRush and jOBOT, and live painting by Hans Walor, Hans Haveron and Angelina Christina, and visuals by Prophecy Production. Pre-sale tickets are now on sale.



Far far away in deep auditory space, Heyoka has been abducted, cosmically mind probed, upgraded and reconfigured in an extra terestrial lab on a planet known as Marklar. Fortunately he has returned almost entirely unharmed, and now shall be known as the artist currently know as Andreilien…. With a constantly evolving, original style, he stood out amongst bass music producers as one who keeps the vibe going strong while venturing to explore new realms of sonic experience. Playing always live sets of his own original tracks, his music has been described as a journey through fractal soundscapes and alternate realms while riding the waves of fat glitch beats and earth rumbling sub bass.

Listen to his newest music below.



Gladkill - Promo Photo 1

Boris Gladkikh, aka Gladkill, has been on a meteoric rise in the electronic music scene since he first began playing live in 2009. Refusing to stick to the comfort of making one style of music, Gladkill has rewarded audiences through the sheer diversity of his productions, as he deftly moves between dominating dance floors with his sexy, crunked-out club bangers, as well as captivating home stereo speakers with more downtempo and melodic material.

Listen to his newest music below.



Russ Liquid by Smash LeFunk

Russ Liquid is the future-vintage groove-blasting maestro who has stirred the souls and minds of the electronic music world. Renowned for his ingenious compositional approach, this cosmic virtuoso and imprints a prophetic musical experience on his audiences. He detonates explosive beatscapes, seamlessly adding flourishes of instrumental color and emotion; all while drawing from an endlessly diverse sonic palette.

Listen to his newest music below.



Sugarpill - Promo (Smash LeFunk)

Combining an array of meticulously tweaked polytemponic beats, explosive basslines, and soaring melodies, Sugarpill fluidly melds sounds into a crunked-out speaker shaking musical escapade. The Sugarpill sound and live experience defies the boundaries of genre-centric electronic music and ventures into a multidimensional musical realm that unites fans across a vast spectrum. With sounds that churn audiences in visceral dance while simultaneously captivating the imagination through soulful harmony, Sugarpill continues to break ground at the forefront of the West-Coast future sound.

Listen to his newest music below.



ChrisB. Img-187067

Over the last two years, the original sounds of Los Angeles based producer ChrisB. have taken the underground electronic music scene by storm. Always eager to push himself, this charismatic producer spends countless hours in the studio sharpening his own production skills, where his notoriously deep and sensual soundscapes take over the dance floor. But don’t get it twisted, it’s not all chocolates and silk panties. Armed with a voracious appetite for exploring new sounds, ChrisB. can set any party off with his glitchy, crunk-heavy beats and hard-hitting 808‘s. Always striving to strike the perfect balance in his live sets, ChrisB. takes listeners on a psychedelic journey of beautiful melodies and driving bass.

Listen to his newest music below.



GoldRush - Live - LIB

GoldRush is on a humble quest to create and deliver music that inspires Romanticism. Fusing melodic elements of the classical, acoustic, ethereal, synthetic and downright dirty, GoldRush crafts soundscapes from the heart, with the intention to move your body, touch your soul, and activate your mind with a musical dance experience open to the alchemy of the present moment. GoldRush is sweating through molten sound and clarifying reflective intention with hope to bring you what you want: the Gold.

Listen to his newest music below.



jOBOT promo

jOBOT is an original producer of pulsating midtempo grooves and scandalously sexy downbeat melodies. An electronic musician of a whole new type, he fuses an immense breadth and depth of listening and training with funk-fueled bass playing, smooth vocals, and an ineffable balls-out, experimental, and creative spirit that “jOBOT” encompasses. jOBOT takes the live elements of his solo-work to their pinnacle in his electronica group, Continuum. It is a bold and radically new way to experience electric music—glitch infects live drum rhythm, live bass communicates with the textures of synthesized soundscapes.

Listen to his newest music below.



Prophecy Production


Separated at birth, Jigglesworth and GoldRush began searching for their own ways to shine the light fantastic with their creations. Several moons later, their shared obsession of the succulent plant reunited them for their first collaborative stage design: the Yuccatron. It wasn’t until that moment that they realized they had the same father: Don Headtron, King of the Succulents. Since then they have combined forces, embarking on their quest to integrate spatial design with visuals in unseen ways. From live events and stages to permanent interior installations they continue to humbly grow like the petal burst of the Aeonium. By combining Jigg’s organic visuals with the Golden touch of Rush’s designs, they unify their efforts into one vision, the future of production. Prophecy Production.


Live Painting by Hans Walor, Hans Haveron and Angelina Christina







The Details…

Headtron Takeover admat FINAL visualsFebruary 1st, 2014

El Rey Theatre
5515 Wilshire Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90036

This event is All Ages.


We’ll see you on the dance floor soon LOS ANGELES!

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