View the New Structures that Debuted at LIB 2017

LIB 2017 marked a monumental year of new beginnings and firsts for Do LaB. Debuting along the festival’s new lakeside landscape were 10 newly designed structures scattered throughout the LIB grounds as far as the eye can see!

Never in LIB’s history have this amount of structures been designed & debuted in a single festival season, and we have our incredibly talented team of Designers, Technical Designers, Engineers, Drafters, Fabricators and Project Managers to thank for these incredible additions that everyone at LIB 2017 fell in love with.

Check out the beautiful structures that sprouted up all along Lake LIB this year!

The Beacon

photo by Get Tiny Photography

Home at LIB: The Compass Main Stage
Designed by: Josh Flemming and Heather Shaw of Vita Motus.
Design Inspiration: Inspired by the art of origami and the papers shifting planes and hard edges
About: The Beacon made it’s grand debut last month at Coachella, serving as Do LaB’s new home on the Polo Fields and providing thousands of festival goers a shady, wet and wild oasis. The Beacon then made its way to its new home at LIB, serving as the physical container for The Compass’s keynote speakers and flagship talks. Towering at sixty-six feet, and holding up to eight thousand people, this colossal structure served as the central hub for renewed growth and learning at the heart of LIB.


photo by Aaron Glassman

Home at LIB: Lilikoi served as an expanded new home to the popular Pagoda Bar area, doubling the size of the previous structure in all directions. It was also the tallest structure at LIB 2017.
Designed by: Josh Flemming & Josh Fritz Friedensohn & Xavi Panneton & Sica Lyn
Height: 76’-6”
Capacity: 4500 people
Design Inspiration: Lilikoi was inspired by the Hawaiian Liliko’i Passion Fruit flower. The design was nearly a year in the making and has gone through many iterations in form, material and color. The design used curved glue laminated wood beams along with artistically curated CNC routed patterns designed by Xavi Panneton to create a unique, never-before seen type of structure.

The Woogie

photo by Eric Allen

LIB’s beloved house and techno stage got a new structure and an upgraded location within the festival this year!

Learn a little bit about the new structure in our quick interview with designer, Heather Shaw from Vita Motus:

Do LaB : How many Woogie structures have you designed/co-designed?
Heather: I have designed or co-designed every Woogie Stage that has ever been. I even co-designed the Woogaloogie in 2005, which was the main stage that year.

DL: What was your inspiration for this year’s Woogie design?
H: This year’s Woogie design was inspired by the triad design from LIB 2012. The feeling we had inside the Woogie that year was pretty amazing and I wanted to make something that would be as immersive and surround us in a similar way.

DL: What kind of emotions, feelings or reactions do you hope Woogie lovers will experience upon first seeing the stage?
H: I hope people feel happy, the Woogie has always been a place with huge smiles and fun music. It’s always meant to be bright and breezy.

DL: Does the stage have any new features, unique only to this year’s design?
H: This year the Woogie will be fairly larger in size compared to year’s past where the stage has been made up of multiple smaller structures. The structure’s design and shape was influenced by the look of a unique parametric kite. Josh, myself and our teams are very excited to put it up for the first time here at LIB!

Wallapod & Smallapods

photo by Guru Khalsa

Home at LIB: This trio of structures created a compound that was home to Crossroads within The Compass. A place for global culture at LIB, the Crossroads offered classes in traditional music and dance and the history of the cultures they come from. It was also the place to experience intimate performances from world class traditional musicians and performers.
Designed by: Josh Flemming & Structures Team
Quantity: 1 Wallapod & 2 Smallapods
Height: 28’-2” & 16’-3”
Capacity: 3500 people & 425 people


photo by Aaron Glassman

Home at LIB: The Artichoke served as LIB’s new and improved Merch Booth near the Lightning Stage
Designed by: Austin Watters & Zach Pony Golden
Creative Direction by: Josh Flemming & Josh Fritz Friedensohn
Height: 31’-4”
Capacity: 460 people
Design Inspiration: Inspired by naturally occurring forms and patterns in nature, this was Do LaB’s first parametrically designed Structure using Rhinoceros and Grasshopper softwares. You ain’t never seen a merch booth like this before!

Star Pods

photo by Eric Allen

Home at LIB: These 3 structures housed The Haven, LIB’s area to receive bodywork and healing sessions, as well as to learn about modalities in the Healing Arts Study. It was also home to the House of Relations and the Entheo Hub, places for intimate classes around interpersonal dynamics and psychedelic studies.
Designed by: Josh Flemming & Structures Team
Quantity: 1 Large Star Pod & 2 Small Star Pods
Height: 17’-9” & 11’
Capacity: 2900 people & 520 people

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Featured Image by Get Tiny Photography