5 Reasons to Get an Early Arrival Pass for LiB


Just like in years past, the LIB Full Weekend Pass will now be called the 4-Day Weekend Pass (tickets available here) and will grant access to the festival from Thursday afternoon thru Monday afternoon. But now, for the first time ever, we’re offering Early Arrival Passes that will grant the ticket-holder admission a full day early on Wednesday at noon where they’ll be granted access to the High Grounds campground, a new campground directly across the road from the festival grounds (see map), which provides an incredible view of the festival. High Grounds also offers the shortest campground walk to many primary festival attractions including the Temple of Consciousness, Village, the Grand Artique and a whole lot more.

We’ve got a lot in store for you this year at Lightning in a Bottle that we’re excited about. The Early Arrival Pass is one of those that we think you’ll particularly enjoy, but these passes are expected to go fast. So before you decide to wait on getting the early arrival pass here are a few reasons it might be a good idea to pick one up just in case.

Catch a Coveted Camp Spot

Those who are fortunate enough to snag one of these golden tickets will get a primo campsite in our newest camp, the High Grounds. That’s right! This year, at LIB 2016, you can get in first and grab a spot in our new, centrally located campground. Also, by adding an Early Arrival Pass to a 4-Day Weekend ticket purchase, you’ll get to start the LIB experience before everyone else on Wednesday afternoon (May 25th) with what may be the foremost coveted campsite in the land.

Make it a Stay-cation

Those who act quickly will have the option of extending the length of their LIB experience. It has been a Do LaB goal for many years and we’re excited to welcome participants to a longer festival while deepening our relationship with Lake San Antonio Park. Since our first year participating at Boom Festival in Portugal, we have grown to love and appreciate the way they slowly spin up their event by devoting 2 full days to community and connection before turning the music on for the rest of their epic festival adventures. For those that want to kickback a bit after getting camp setup, but don’t want to miss out on any of the fun the Early Arrival pass will be a must.

Beat the Traffic

We’ll just assume that if you’re coming from Los Angeles or the Bay you know how great it is to carve hours out of the trip by avoiding weekend traffic. Early Arrival is kinda like your FastTrack pass to fun. However, with supplies being limited and traffic being what it is a lot of folks are expected to pick up their Early Arrival pass sooner rather than later. In fact, we’re currently projecting that we’ll be sold out of Early Arrival passes by the end of January.

Make More, Deeper Friendships

LIB will follow a similar model to Boom Festival, with Wednesday and Thursday being primarily devoted to setting up camp, meeting your neighbors, and getting the lay of the land. Putting together potlucks, starting group hikes and creating communal chill spaces is easier when people aren’t hurrying to make sure they don’t miss the action at the Woogie. In other words, by hustling to get one now you can relax a whole lot more later. Plan to enjoy yourself and all the great friends you’ll make. Share some tea, get to know eachother. We’re family now.

Bonus Things to Do With Early Arrival

In addition to all this the Temple of Consciousness, the Village and the Learning Kitchen will be serving up tasty morsels of thought-provoking goodness regularly for all Early Arrival ticket holders. On Wednesday, each of these areas will be hosting exclusive speakers, workshops, yoga and classes with special celebrations in the evenings. Plus the Grand Artique will be in full effect with their signature brand of frontier trading and shenanigans. On Thursday some of the freshest musical talent in Southern California will also be showcased in the Favela and Pagoda Bar’s, so if you like to pre-game then snagging an Early Arrival pass be a stellar chance to get the motor revved right.  

  The Details:

We’re asking all Early Arrival passholders to join us in the reserved  High Grounds parking lot and campgrounds upon arrival on Wednesday.* We’ll still being pouring love and magic into several of the other festival campgrounds. As a result, they may not be open yet. That said, setting up camp in those areas will not be permitted until gates open on Thursday.

There will only be a limited number of early arrival passes available when tickets go on sale January 4th, 2016 at 10am so we suggest you get yours fast.

Tickets: http://lib2016.eventbrite.com

*Car Camping and RV Camping Passes are sold separately.