6 LIB Acts We Can't Wait to Experience Again at Enchanted Forest

If you’re still missing those LIB vibes and you were one of the few who didn’t make it out to Woogie Weekend then don’t fret, there’s no reason to let those festival withdrawls get the better of you yet because there’s still one more event this summer that you may want to check out: Enchanted Forest. Along with a location rich in psychedelic history and a community all it’s own, Enchanted Forest is bringing yoga, conscious dietary options, workshops and live art – all the things that make Do LaB Events like Lightning in a Bottle the magical places that they are, even a stacked lineup with more stars than the night sky. Many who grace the stage at Enchanted Forest have also slayed stages at LIB and if you got swept up in the fun (as we did) then this year there are probably more than a few performances you didn’t get the chance to see. All is not lost though, you still have the opportunity to revel in sonic glory if you decide to visit Enchanted Forest next weekend.

To prepare you for the excitement ahead we thought it would be fun to share a few of the performing musicians that you can look forward to seeing on July 22nd to July 24th in Black Oak Ranch.


Comprised of what today is two thirds of the Glitch Mob, producers Ooah and MARTyPARTy make up the hip-hop endowed powerhouse, PANTyRAiD. While their first performance happened out of a van at LIB years ago it’s no surprise today that they’re still grooving through sold out shows with timeless beats, an eclectic style and more sumptuous fun than a closet dance-enthusiast can resist.


One of the most dynamic and tremendous world music inspired artists today was one of our favorite sets this year at LIB. The French phenomenon, Clozee has been touring since the start of the summer while simultaneously dropping one hot mix after the next. Her uncanny knack for blending futuristic rhythms with the timeless instruments from around the world makes her one a likely source of FOMO for anyone who forgets to catch her set at Enchanted Forest.

Polish Ambassador

One of our mightiest LIB’ing Legends and everyone’s favorite prince of permaculture initiatives is back in action with a fun-loving set to cultivate the kid in you. Looking to bust your craziest moves on the dancefloor? Then give a listen to some of what Polish has been working on and prepare to bask in the heartwarming glow that only the Polish Ambassador can bring to the table. Fresh from the farm, of course.


This year at LIB the Live set presented by Thriftworks on the Thunder Stage brought a unique experience with a pseudo-cyber lean and a heavy bass bravado. With one of the most unique audio profiles coming out of Northern California today, Thriftworks stands apart with flashy low-end tempos and a rich synthy soul.


For anyone lucky enough to catch Christian Bauhofer (aka Minnesota) at LIB this year during his back to back with G Jones then you’ll know exactly why this is one of the sets at Enchanted Forest that we’re stoked on. His glitch-hop infused dubstep is known to top soundcloud and music blog charts while his party-crushing vibes are a welcome edition to any event where weird is something to be celebrated.


With a deepseeded obsession with all things futuristic and a sound to match, the one time sculptural artists known as Future Soup are poised to unleash on Enchanted Forest a bit of the magic that makes them sacred and saucy at any stage. With soulful performances that are nostalgic and forward thinking at the same time, Autograf is a keen reminder of how we can leave our mark on anything with a big helping of artistic creativity and a whole lot of love.


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