Do LaB™ Evolution: Our Mission & Vision

It’s now been over 10 years since the official founding of The Do LaB™. Lightning in a Bottle is about to have its 10th year as a full on festival, and its origins as a party go back about 15 years. There have been hundreds of Do LaB™ presents events, LIB has been thriving, new festivals have popped up, and our structures have been featured all over the world at events in Europe, North America and Asia. The Do LaB™ has been blessed to do many amazing things and we are proud and excited to continue to grow.

As we grow and inevitably change, it is important to stay focused on who we are and why we do what we do. Our goals and points of focus have gone through a number of iterations over the years, and although we have never published an official mission, our guiding principles have remained consistent. With a renewed focus going forward, we would now like to take the opportunity to, for the first time, clearly state our mission and vision to you, our community, and the world. We want to share our principles so the growing number of people Do LaB™ touches can better understand where we’re coming from, and we will always have a tool to remind and center us when we are facing all the choices and opportunities that lie ahead. To commemorate this evolution of our brand we are launching this new website, logo, tag line and a shift to a simpler name, Do LaB™.

Do LaB™ is an events company. No matter the size or what its called, we love to throw a good party. Be it a birthday party in the park, a small show at a club, an art event in the streets, or a multi-day festival, we love to bring people together to have a good time. Everything we do has grown from that love and we’ve worked hard at it. The celebration of friends coming together, smiling, connecting and making their lives a little brighter is a constant source of inspiration. It drives us to keep making whatever party, or event, or stage, or art structure, or festival we do a little better than it was before.

We work to make our events and creations better by always striving to bring together the most inspiring artists, to curate the best music, to create the most imaginative and mind expanding environments, to listen to our attendees’ feedback and to keep finding new ways to provide the most incredible experience we can. When all of these things come together and all the synchronicities fall into place, we have seen again and again the powerful and transformative effect it can have on everyone who participates in these communal experiences. We’re not only having a great time when an event is really going off, something more is happening. We are more truly ourselves. We easily connect with one another. We see the good in ourselves and the world and we simply want to do more. Be more.

Creating the space for these experiences that inspire and connect is what drives us. Distilled to its most basic form, Do LaB™ can be summed up in three words: Create, Experience, Inspire. These three words have always been our guiding principles and are the seeds of our official mission and vision going forward.


Our Vision at Do LaB

Through art, music and celebration, festival communities inspire change in both the individual and society to create a more peaceful, planetary culture.


Our Mission at Do LaB

Design, build, and nurture festivals and event experiences that inspire authentic connections to ourselves, our community and the environment.


With this vision and mission more clearly in place and shared with our community and the world, we are excited to continue to produce the best events, creative structures and festivals we possibly can. And as we embark on a new year we’ll be sharpening our focus in some ways and expanding our vision in others.

For starters, we are debuting this new website, and offering some new functionality online. This will include our newly revamped blog where we’ll be sharing thought provoking content like our new Lightning Talks series, festival podcasts and more artist spotlights and interviews than ever.  We’ll also be focusing more of our attention on innovating the festival space by co-creating new festival experiences and bringing more of our signature structures to events around the world.            

Do LaB™ is going to continue providing a space where you’ll see more great art, you’ll hear more great music you already love and some you’ve never heard before, you’ll continue to stumble into alternate realities that hopefully blow your mind and we’ll also throw some stuff in there that even surprises us. We’re committed to pushing the boundaries of what is expected and we’re always looking to challenge ourselves and our audience in ways we don’t even know or see yet. But we’re sure it will be fun when we get there.