Meet a Member of Do LaB's Build Team

When it comes to matching toughness with kindness there are few that have a brand like Laylo Denman, one of the longest standing crew members on our Build Team. With an iron grit and a heart of gold, for more than 10 years Laylo (prounounced Lie-Low) has been a devout Do LaB-er working behind the scenes to erect psychedelic structures like the Quinoa, Squigs, Eeperts, Pagoda and just about every Coachella stage we’ve assembled. As a staple in our crew and a long time part of Do LaB fam, Laylo is known among her peers as a badass that always has a power tool to help in one hand and a dead-arm to offer with the other. Through the level of commitment she demonstrates for her other crew members and the stick-to-it-iveness that she brings to the table, Laylo is a constant reminder to those around her that sometimes the best way to make a difference is to be the extra bit of elbow grease that gets the job done.

Name: Laylo Denman
Title: Build Team

What’s a topic you’re currently intrigued by or passionate about?

I’ve been geeking out on interior design lately. Learning about building shelves and furniture. Pretty exciting stuff.

Why is that topic important to you?

Interior Design is important to me because I love the art we build at festivals, but I really wish it would stay built. Wouldn’t that be great? So I’m excited to make things that last, even though they may be on a much smaller scale:)

What’s a lesson you’ve learned from festivals?

That we, as humans, are capable of so much more. More love, more art, more magic. And I feel like it’s easy to see that in people’s faces at festivals. It’s all in those big smiles.

What artist would you leave on repeat the whole way home?

Oh, Bonobo’s new album has really been getting me through this winter. I saw Bonobo at Coachella a couple years back and I really enjoyed his set. Here’s the video for a track, Kerala – hope you like 🙂


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