Do LaB Teams Up with Enchanted Forest Gathering

In the world of festivals it’s only so often that we come across an event that really delivers the creative goods in a California camping festival, even rarer to find one that reminds us of LIB the way it was back in the day. So imagine our surprise when we discovered Enchanted Forest Gathering, a conscious and cozy camping fest nestled in the lush woodlands of Mendocino county in the historic Black Oak Ranch.

Why We Love Enchanted Forest Gathering

Creative Experiments

Like us, Enchanted Forest isn’t afraid to take risks. In the past they’ve lent support to the Free the Nipple campaign to empower breastfeeding mothers, while also hosting several workshops and guest panels on topics like polyamory, gender equality and consent. Last year, they also hosted the second ever onsite medical marijuana dispensary at a festival in conjunction with Healing Harvest Farms. This year, they’re still breaking down barriers with a theme that has remained consistent since the conception of the event: Enchanted Forest is alcohol-free. Some of our fans love to drink at our events, and that’s fine, but Enchanted Forest doesn’t back down at a chance to do their own thing and we think that’s pretty refreshing to see.

A Shared Love of Art

Just like the Do Art Foundation comes to LIB each year to showcase local artists, Enchanted Forest brings a cavalcade of painters and muralists to their event as well. In a celebration of artistic expression EF encourages artists to showcase their talents throughout the venue and if so inclined it invites them to leave tokens of passion at various nooks throughout the venue in the Share Your HeART offering so that others can bring home a piece of the festival that speaks to them. In addition to live painting, EF also errects wild and imaginative stages, creates space for face painting and some of our favorite artisan vendors.

Health Consciousness

If you love the Yoga and healthy dietary offerings at LIB then you’re bound to enjoy the daily yoga classes and farm fresh food available at Enchanted Forest. Even for those who aren’t into conscious living it’s easy to see why having these qualities in a festival can make all the difference in the world.

That Wilderness Vibe

We love being out in nature and we know you do too. Alongside the rich history of their picturesque landscape Enchanted Forest is known for bringing that intimate, impeccable wilderness vibe. Tumble around like a kid in the mossy meadows or have a splash in the river. This festival has a number of wild delights to revel in. Moreover,  the event is rich with learning experiences everywhere and hugs a plenty so we know these folks really understand how to capture that family feel-good energy that keeps you coming back for more. If the lineup stacked with heavyweights like Shpongle, The Polish Ambassador, Autograf, Thriftworks, Clozee and PANTyRAiD  doesn’t leave you feelin’ it, then the experiences you share with the EF community at Black Oak Ranch probably will be.

Trust us. The vibe is strong with this one.

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Featured Image by Jacob Avanzato

Mural Credit: The Union

Mark Hensen

Gabriel Welch

Seth Mcmahon

Erik Syster [Vajra]

Live Art Director – Derek Heinemann