Our favorite moments from last year!

With the year coming to a close, we at Do LaB took some time to reflect back on the most epic and monumental moments that made 2015 truly unforgettable. It was undoubtedly our biggest year yet, but none of it would be possible without the support and inspiration of our incredible community, devoted staff and crew, and of course our phonomenal fans. Thank you for being you!

Here are 5 things that made 2015 so freakin’ awesome for Do LaB:

Big Fish at Coachella ushered in a new era of creative stages

From our over-the-top surprise guests, to constructing Big Fish—our largest Do LaB Stage yet—Coachella 2015 was definitely one for the books. We were even named “Best Dance Floor” by Rolling Stone! We can only hope our Coachella corner will be even more of a hit this time around.


Lightning in a Bottle officially put down roots in Bradley, CA

Moving locations every year is extremely tough on a festival. Since 2012 we scoured and searched for a location that felt like home, and now we can finally announce that the San Antonio Recreation Area is our permanent LIB home. Wrapping up our second straight year at this location in 2015, we now feel like we know the land, we’re familiar with the community, and we feel more than welcomed to return year after year — enabling us to make the festival better than ever!


Our structures sprung up in more locations than ever before

We traveled across the globe this year and brought our iconic structures with us. From Pemberton Festival in Canada, to the all-new Metropolis Fest in Ireland, our structures crossed more international borders in 2015 than any previous year. Expect to see more of our flagship structures around the world this year. If you’re interested in having one of our structures provide an experience at your event, visit our Structures page and get a quote today!


Wet Woogie Weekend proved we have the best fans

After the rain washed away the glitter, puddles engulfed full campsites and mud adorned the bodies of everyone in sight, Woogie Warriors were born. Embracing the wet was a huge part of this weekend, and everyone’s endurance through the cold and rainy weather straight up proved that we have the most rockin’, loyal fans out there. We don’t dance, we WOOGIE!


Dirtybird Campout stole hearts and broke festival barriers

Never before has a festival incorporated funky house beats along with a slew of summer camp games, until we teamed up with the party animals at Dirtybird Records. Campers danced, they dodged, and dove all weekend long, making friends with some of their favorite DJs as the divide between artist and attendee was diminished. The vibes were real. Catch us at camp again this year!