9 Events Bringing Burner Vibes to Los Angeles

There are plenty of things to do in Los Angeles. The food is delicious, the shows are top notch and the art is unlike any other place in the world. One of the qualities that we really like about LA is the thriving community here that directly stems from Burning Man. Put that catalystic character in a big concert or other high stress event, like those in Hollywood, and Burners often shine. Afterall, if you can put on an incredible show in the harsh conditions of the Playa then you can certainly deliver the goods at a local event around the city. In fact, some of the best and most interesting local events in and around Los Angeles are managed, styled and started by none other than Burners.

These folks aren’t just your run of the mill sparkleponies either! Some of these events are organized by the same eccentric experts who make art cars, build structures or run theme camps at Burning Man. The people who really get their hands dusty year after year, so when we set out to discover the happenings around town to really remind us of “home” it didn’t take long to find that there are plenty of events bringing burner vibes to Los Angeles. Here are 9 of our favorites!



Photo Credit: JORG Photo

While also a label and an event sound company, Subtract is one of the most celebrated Burner experiences in the Los Angeles area. If you attended the Woogie Weekend preparty in Long Beach you’ll probably recall the level of badassery these folks bring to the table. With residents Anton TumasBrad MoontribeMatt Xavier and Tara Brooks out front, Subtract is known for continuously serving up some of the most remarkable sounds in House and Techno music with a freewheeling energy that will take you to the moon and back.

Upcoming Event (Saturday 8/20): Subtract at the Loft – Big Guy Little Guy 6 Hour Set

White Cube Society

This year at LIB we were host to some young but fascinating groups like we’ve never seen before. One of the most mysterious came right out of a lucid dream about a cosmic cube that foretold a prophesy that later culminated in a brotherhood that would be called the White Cube Society. With a collaborating squad eight people deep the paintings, murals and music coming out of their downtown warehouse space is nothing short of spellbinding. Over the last year especially, White Cube Society has kicked it up a notch with an incredible New Years Party and a Lightning in a Bottle PreParty in collaboration with another force of creativity making waves in the city, Noise Revolt.

You can find the White Cube Society at Burning Man this year at Camp Orphan Asylum at 715 and C.


The Drum n’ Bass lovers of this city know it well. Respect is more than a house hold name among electronic musicians. With icons like Machete, Scooba, Clutch, NoFace, Drone, Justin Ford, Gil Konspiracy and Arkho at the helm this crew brings a weekly dose of DnB that commands a potent admiration among its followers. Fitting that it should be named what they feel while thinking about experiences with this crew.

Upcoming Event (Thursday 8/18): Respect Thursday presents Doc Scott


Like Respect and White Cube Society, Undercurrent arrives on the scene with a coalition of artists, however Respect and White Cube have 8 resident DJs in tow. Undercurrent has sixteen. When co-founders Richard Hosea and Holliday hatched the idea to create something new they wanted it to be different. They wanted it to have creative muscle. Something to represent the current of the underground, hence undercurrent was born. Today members who make up the coalition of artists include: Aenera, Holliday, Eli Jah, Nathan Clement, Brian Scannell, Eve Falcon, Bala, Elijah Smith, Maddux, Janis, Airee, Quilici, Native Behavior, Drew Holly, Sevi and Felt. Thomas Zahlten and Ashlinn Gallagher joined to give the movement some additional horsepower. With so much talent to funnel into projects the sheer production capability of this eclectic powerhouse demonstrates a quality of collaborative creativity rarely seen anywhere else but in Black Rock City.

This year the Undercurrent team is taking off of Burning Man to focus on the Burning Man Regional in San Diego, YOUtopia.

Upcoming Event (Saturday 8/20): Undercurrent Presents: Perspectives

The Space in Between


Photo Credit: Watchara

Headed up by Shawni Music and the man who curates the music at our Favela Bar at Lightning in a Bottle. Together with Patricio, one of the keenest DJing ears in house music today, the two are taking it back to the streets of Los Angeles with a carefully curated crew to crush the house party scene. In their second show to date, Shawni Music and Patricio performed with friends who served up some extra special collaborations with performances by Marques Wyatt and Dj Garth. Much like the Favela at LIB, the music The Space in Between is set to offer is sure to produce some fantastic dance parties where family style is done proper, but in the local setting here in Los Angeles the magnetic vibe is expected to be as much from the people as it is from the music.

Recent Event (Friday 8/12): Patricio’s Birthday!

Hush Concerts Silent Disco

There are a number of “silent disco” services but there is only one Hush Concerts. Part of the charm of silent disco is that you can get lost in a music that you choose without hiking to other stages. Then when you make friends with fresh moves and connect with someone on the dancefloor you can take the headphones off and actually have a conversation. Started as away to throw stealth parties in clandestine locations, Silent Disco was quickly embraced by Burners and festival frequenting youth who both wanted connection and conversation out of their concerts. The resulting silent disco culture has become a popular bridge between burner and mainstream cultures in San Francisco, Santa Monica and festivals across the country.

Upcoming Event (Saturday 8/20): HUSHfest: Subsuelo, Lamp + Late Night Laggers



Photo Credit: Tony Edwards

Some house music is like chocolate mouse for the soul. It’s so rich and decadent it becomes analogous with sensual pleasure in your mind. In Burner parties that consistently hit the mark, Marques Wyatt, Big Cee and friends are a must. They’ve been known to serve up the sort of old school house party vibes that will remind you of art car chasing for sunrise sets. If all your friends listen to house music religiously but you haven’t been converted yet then this is where you can go to hear the gospel of the genre. Prepare for a spiritual experience in house music. For those that celebrate it, this is church.

With his first playa gig going back all the way to ’06 with PEX, Marques has graced the decks of Soulicious, Robot Heart, DISTRKT, Disorient, Bubbles and Bass, Celtic Chaos, and the Mosaic Lounge and many other theme camps at Burning Man. Find him this year on Playa at Pink Mammoth, Ashram Galactica, Heroes & Super Villians, NUTZ and rocking decks from the Kindred Spirit Art Car.

Upcoming Event (Sunday 9/4): DEEP presents “Sublevel gets DEEP” with Marques Wyatt, Doc Martin, Patricio and Big Cee


When friends Andrew Kroma Bellhop, Armando Kroma and Gabriel Pachakroma decided to form a music collective with their own signature brand of organic, synthy beats few could have expected that they would become such a viral force in the Los Angeles music scene or that this reimagined version of playful tech house with a psychedelic twist would lead them to perform at camps across Burning Man. Today this three-headed hydra of sonic healing is serving up some electronica experiences that you’re sure to savor. In true Burning Man fashion, they make their celebration about more than just the music by incorporating lively and enchanting art from Burners who show up to live paint, spin fire or prepare food.  With a willingness to blaze their own trail the eclectic trio has already earned a mountain of street cred both here in Los Angeles and in Black Rock City. Find them on the playa this year at Camp Charlie and the Octupus Garden.

Upcoming Event (10/28): Halloween at La Jolla Indian Campground – Bumpin’ the Night!

Noise Revolt

When the angsty youth of the OC become Burners they jump in head first and Raskal, Dylan Davoid, Britton and Euth are no exception. With the help of co-founders, Chief Jesta and resident dj, JiP.C. Noise Revolt events have become known for an array of expressive arts with an outside the box appeal. What started at the Detroit bar as a means of getting friends together became a music minded band of comrades spreading their own unique brand of vigilante showmanship across the city. In addition to working with White Cube Society to throw one of the most tremendous LIB preparties to date, the Noise Revolt crew also crushed the car camping lot experience with their renegade, bass embrassing Revolounge at Woogie Weekend. If you haven’t already become familiar with the Noise Revolt crew, you will soon.

Recent Event (Saturday 8/13): Pop-Up 002 with Brad Moontribe, Britton, Davoid (Birthday Set) and Duncan Cameron