Four Surprise Sets from Weekend 1

Each year Do LaB Stage gets a little more impressive with a signature look and diversified fresh lineups that are unique to each weekend. The stage also serves up daily surprises that frequently become some of the most talked about experiences at Coachella. This year top-line talents rocked the all new Beacon Structure, a space that will later be used to house the keynote presentations from the new Compass at LIB. As one legend after the next filled “Surprise” slots on the already hearty Do LaB Lineup, smiles were born while history was made.

During Weekend One, four surprise sets stole our hearts. How many did you experience?

Louis The Child

For the Chicago-based duo in Louis the Child, Robby Hauldren and Freddy Kennett, a surprise set was the best possible moment to unleash some unfettered energy infused with meaty bass and top shelf bravura fresh from their new EP, Love is Alive.

Eli & Fur

With a fun bouncy rhythm and an undeniable swagger, these two boss ladies were our one and only afternoon surprise of the weekend. Their authentic grooves and effortless charm made for a perfect fit on the Do LaB stage too.


Legendary designer and beat aficionados, Scott Hansen, Zac Brown and Rory O’Conner pumped out ambient psychedelic sounds that seemed to slingshot waves of dancing energy from the decks across the dancefloor.


When Do LaB wanted one of the best in the business to bring something special for the finale on Sunday night, Autograf was an easy decision. The surprise act went up against some of the biggest headliners at the festival on other stages and still completely packed the house.

What surprise sets do you think we’ll offer for Weekend 2? Come dance and find out!


Featured Image by Daniel Zetterstrom