Gem and Jam Festival Pre-Party with Alex and Allyson Grey

For the open minded folks hoping to tackle 2016 with a deeper connection to the community and renewed sense of self expression, getting your hands on a ticket to the Los Angeles edition of the Gem and Jam Pre-Party on Friday, January 15th, will be a must.


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Take your RE:CREATION LA experience up a notch with a VIP pass! Not only will you be able to gain access to the VIP balcony viewing area and bar, but you will also get exclusive early access to the art gallery – plus a private tour! Purchase of a VIP pass will also include a limited edition Alex Grey poster, pin, and meet and greet with Alex Grey and Allyson Grey!

gem jam preview

Revelers will descend on The Belasco in Downtown Los Angeles to start the season off right in 3 rooms of music surrounded by visual artists, vendors, performers, installations and countless shenanigans. It is, by far, the deepest and most impressive lineup that a Gem and Jam pre-party has offered. And that’s no small task, considering the event has hosted everyone from Random Rab and Love and Light, to Thriftworks and Desert Dwellers.

Headlining the extravaganza is English DJ Simon Posford performing his supremely psychedelic Shpongle experience. Shpongle is an act that gets better and better each year, festival veterans still clamor over the performances. And these pre-parties will be the first Shpongle dates of the year.


Photo Credit: Zebbler Studios

The Artists Grey – Alex Grey and Allyson Grey – will be holding down the spiritual center of the event, capturing the visual vibes and translating the evening into live art. If you haven’t had a chance to see these legends paint or present their visions in person, you’re in for a treat. The talented duo have been hard at work creating ENTHEON, the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, in upstate New York. Learn more about this exquisite home for sacred and visionary art at the event.


Photo Credit: Kaley Nelson

Some of the best visual artists in California are coming as well, brushes a-blazing. Among them, DELA, whose stargazing and galaxy-capturing art has been featured in murals and successful art prints throughout the scene will be there along with Vajra, who captures shamanic and sacred moments interwoven with an extremely detailed visual language.

Taking charge of the rest of the night over in the Gem and Jam room will be performances by fellow Englander, Ott., LA-favorite Russ Liquid, San Francisco’s Andreilien and Soulular, who is returning for the third year in the row off the back of two new albums.

Los Angeles event production team Grateful Generation/A-BUN-DANCE is supporting the night with a stellar room of their own, bringing out an upbeat mix of glitchy west-coast bass music. Keep your ears open for some seminal sets by an-ten-nae, Mimosa, Huglife and Stylust Beats.


Photo Credit: Mandak Photo

The third room of the night is being curated by The Cruz Coalition and features a variety of house and tech-house acts, including acts from the Dirtybird crew Worthy, Sacha Robotti and RYBO. The Cruz Coalition’s own DJ Loomer will deliver his signature funk, and the room will be rounded out by local triumphs divaDanielle and IAMNOBODI.

Gem and Jam – the Tucson, Arizona festival, held February 12-14th – is a one-of-a-kind event featuring the best of visionary art, live and electronic music and gem trading. Discover the lineup and event info at


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