Meet Design Intern, Carly Quick!

Name: Carly Quick
Graduation Year: 2019
School: FIDM
Major: Graphic Design

Why did you want to intern at the Do LaB?
I love music and music festivals and have always felt inspired by everything the Do LaB does and really wanted to be apart of it.

What are some things you have learned so far?
Throughout school I’ve mainly been working on projects by myself, so I’ve definitely learned a lot about how to successfully work with a team to come up with ideas.

What are your career goals and how has Do LaB prepared you to achieve them?
My goal ultimately is to work for a desired company within the music industry. The Do LaB has not only pushed me to become an all around better designer, but has taught me a lot of valuable skills that will help me achieve my goals.

What is the best thing about interning at Do LaB?
Getting to see your designs actually come to life and be used in the real world.

What’s been your favorite college class?
It’s a tie between Logo Design and Applied Branding.

What is one thing you have learned from festivals?
Music is powerful in the way that it can bring all different kinds of people together. I wouldn’t have met some of my best friends if it weren’t for music festivals!