Meet Design Intern, Sebastian Swanson!

Name: Sebastian Swanson
Graduation Year: 2018
School: Ringling College of Art and Design
Major: Visual Studies
Minor: Motion Design, Creative Writing

Why did you want to intern at the Do LaB?
Because of my love and appreciation for music.

What are some things you have learned so far?
Working alongside other creative minds and having an appreciation for starting a project sooner than later.

What are your career goals and how has Do LaB prepared you to achieve them?
My career goal is to become a multimedia storyteller that specializes in a variety of medias. Motion Design is my second step and Do LaB has aided me by pushing my creativity and work ethic.

What is the best thing about interning at Do LaB?
Creating animations for videos.

What’s been your favorite college class?

What is one thing you have learned from festivals?
Music is enough to reach the hearts of many, but applying more mediums such as animation, design, writing, photography, and etc. goes beyond that.