Meet Social Media Intern, Bianca Nour!

Name: Bianca Nour
Graduation Year: 2019
School: UCLA
Major: History

Why did you want to intern at the Do LaB?
The Do LaB stage has become my home base at Coachella. Some of my favorite videos, photos, and memories are of me and my friends at the Do LaB stage. I applied to intern at Do LaB because I want to be able to cultivate in others that same sense of happiness Do LaB brought me.

What are some things you have learned so far?
How important minor details can be when marketing an event. Also, you never really think of how much planning and strategizing goes into these events when you are on the receiving end.

What are your career goals and how has Do LaB prepared you to achieve them?
I want to work in the music industry and what better way to gain experience than with Do LaB! I feel very lucky to be working alongside such creative and like-minded individuals. I feel motivated everyday and it’s very rewarding, as an intern, to see my work displayed on various Do LaB social media sites.

What is the best thing about interning at Do LaB?
Well not only does the office look like a mini Do LaB stage, but you also have the same music playing that you would hear at Coachella or LIB! There’s also an occasional Ariana Grande song played and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

What’s been your favorite college class?
Definitely the Making of Modern France, 1871 to the Present. I would sit front row everyday and dream of the buttery taste of croissants.

What is one thing you have learned from festivals?
Be open and embrace the unexpected. Some of my favorite memories consist of artists that I never originally planned to see.