Meet Social Media Intern, Sydney Devlin!

Name: Sydney Devlin
Graduation Year: 2019
School: UCLA
Major: Design and Media Arts

Why did you want to intern at the Do LaB?
Growing up in the Coachella Valley, music, art, and festival culture has been a part of me ever since I was a kid. When I saw Machinedrum in 2012 at the Do LaB stage at Coachella, I was hooked. 7 years later, interning for the Do LaB feels surreal. I ultimately hope to inspire through moving images and visual storytelling.

What are some things you have learned so far?
How to be supremely organized (thanks Chris!) and that it takes a lot of careful planning, designing, and strategizing to put on these incredible events and experiences that we often take for granted.

What are your career goals and how has Do LaB prepared you to achieve them?
I’d like to eventually start a company or artist collective that focuses on video-based public installations and live visuals. Do LaB is a great place for me to learn about both aspects in practice, as Do LaB combines built structures with live performance.

What is the best thing about interning at Do LaB?
Working with a dynamic and passionate team, along with the other interns, to celebrate music, art, and self expression… and have fun in the process!

What’s been your favorite college class?
Definitely ‘History of EDM’. I had to make sure I took it before I graduated because I heard it was an elusive and legendary class. Nothing like getting blasted with the droning of ‘Chime’ by Orbital at 9 AM.

What is one thing you have learned from festivals?
The openness of the community. Festival-goers are all aiming to have a good time, dance together, and enjoy the universal experience of music. The energy is contagious; it’s easy to come out of your shell and start a conversation with a stranger when you normally wouldn’t.