Meet Do LaB's Director of Operations!

If you’ve ever looked up with wonder at one of our imaginative shade structures then you’re probably already familiar with the handywork of Kevin Rowell, our charismatic Director of Operations. Along with managing the teams tackling the on-site builds that we take on, Kevin embodies our Do LaB ethos with a relentless work ethic and a jovial charm. He also heads up all the crews that put our festival events together one piece at a time to deliver all the spectacles and infrastructure that make Do LaB events feel like home. In other words, from bridges to bathrooms and everything in between Kevin makes it all happen with a razor sharp wit, a boundless patience and a can-do smile.

Name: Kevin Rowell
Title: Director of Operations

What’s a topic you’re currently intrigued by or passionate about?


Why is that topic important to you?

The whole world is filled with them and I’ve been honored to live with and learn from many cultures on the planet. Language, food, housing, sustainability. Exploring what we really want and need, this gets me up in the morning and keeps me up at night. Especially for our events, its a passion to think about how we can provide the best conditions for our migrant festival population. One that inspires innovation and helps people realize the limitlessness of their life goals!

What’s a lesson you’ve learned from festivals?

Humility, I make mistakes every day. It’s liberating to be ok with that and to let others make em too. As a friendly Rabbit said to me once about festivals ” We make it, we break it, we fix it and we tear it down and start all over.”

What artist would you leave on repeat the whole way home?

Gotta admit it’s a tie:
Raurys cultural commentary and diverse profile of music have me on the edge.

While Elderbrooks deep self reflection and rhythmic beats keep my toes tapping.

I really enjoyed rockin’ with them on the stages @ LIB

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Featured Image Credit: Wobsarazzi

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