Do LaB Stage 2016 Highlights

Words cannot express the amount of love and gratitude we have for those who built, operated and most of all enjoyed our corner-lot oasis on the Terrace at Coachella. This year’s Do LaB Stage housed our largest attendance to date, some of the most cutting-edge lightning and sound technology to compliment the Big Fish aesthetic, and some of the freshest acts in dance music today.

The dust has settled & the crew is all home, so we want to take a moment to reflect on this year’s Coachella experience before we head to Lightning in a Bottle! Here are a few things that inspired us during our time in Indio…

5. Do LaB Promo squad interacting w/ the crowd

Totem game on lock. Great work team!

4. Artists & performers stealing the show

You can always expect the full sensory experience at the Do LaB, but this year’s was in tune more than ever. s/o Do ArT Foundation for the live mural project, The Furies for their aerial and movement magic, and Bijoulette for their beautiful silliness in the crowd & on stage.

3. Major Lazer stopping by for an epic closing out party

That is all.

2. Bob Moses ending Weekend One with the feels

Perfect Ending ???????? @coachella

A video posted by Bob Moses (@bobmosesmusic) on

We all sang and cried together. It was beautiful.

1. Drowning in a sea of beautiful faces

Our stage has never been so packed, but still with room to groove. We love you all, but one thing to note: trash goes in the garbage 🙂

HONORARY MENTION: Hunter Leggitt – the creator of The SS BISKT and the lightning and sound crews who sailed the Do LaB seas the entire time and ROCKED the boat.


Next stop, Lightning in a Bottle Art & Music Festival!