Do LaB Stage Highlights of Coachella Weekend 1

That was one to remember, friends. Thanks to all who joined us in the most colorful dance party at Coachella! That’s one weekend down and one more to go. Whether you were here with us basking in bass at the all new Beacon or you want to get a glimmer of the excitement you missed we did the rounds and asked our family to share their top highlights of the weekend to commemorate the flash, the fabulous and the friends.

Here are the top picks from the fun had at Do LaB Stage during Coachella Weekend 1 from the people who made it possible behind the scenes.

We Saw Mad Science from The GasLamp Killer 

“There are few producers with the tenor and clout of Low End Theory resident The GasLamp Killer, but in his Do LaB stage performance, he really showed why he’s such a hero in the Los Angeles hip-hop scene. With his signature jet-fueled approach to beat mixing he isn’t interested in telling you a story. Instead, he takes you by the throat and pours art into your face until you’ve acquired the taste for more.”

– Graham Berry, Words

Two incredible female acts performed back to back: Tara Brooks into Eli & Fur

What a dream to play Coachella Do LaB thanks to everyone who made it so special ????????

Posted by Eli & Fur on Monday, April 17, 2017

“I thought it was cool that we had two badass performances from ladies on the stage, with Tara Brooks and Eli & Fur, back to back. The crowd really got into it too!”

– Kraddy, Stage Manager

Multi-Instrumental Medleys from FKJ

“For the last stop on his tour, FKJ served up psychedelic sounds on the Do LaB Stage with live instrumentalization including a saxophone, bass, guitar and vocals too.”

– Molly Narodick, Strategic Marketing Manager

Monolink brought Spacey Fusion Funk Sounds

“Monolink brought his stellar live show and wooed our fans with his soulful and melodic house music accompanied by live guitar. It seems like everyone who hears his sets cannot resist his magic and they just want more and more!”

– Megan Young, Music Director

Partywave Delivered our First Moshpit 

“In the mid-afternoon, I was blown away by the energy in the crowd during PartyWave’s set. That may have been our first moshpit at the Do LaB Stage ever.” – Rafael Xavier

– Rafael Xavier, Promotions Manager

Brownies and Lemonade Slayed with Alexander Lewis on Trombone 

This was my first Coachella experience and it was an absolute dream. I'm still buzzing from this one. Major love to Brownies and Lemonade for having me.

Posted by Alexander Lewis on Sunday, April 16, 2017

“The Brownies and Lemonade crew did a wild takeover at Do LaB stage and let’s just say we’re grateful our engineers had the foresight to design the Beacon with a hole already in the roof. The energy from Alexander Lewis’ Trombone was incredible.”

– Josh “Fritz” Friedson, Lead Structural Designer


At Do LaB stage, Coachella-goers got to enjoy the smooth and groovy sounds of Autograf on the last night of the Weekend. Even against some of the bigger headliners from other stages at the festival, the Beacon was packed for the celebrated trifecta.

“I’m pretty sure the world would be a better place if we all just listened to more Autograf.”

– Dylan Aldrich, Music Manager

Who will our surprise acts be for Weekend 2? Join us in our little corner of Coachella and come find out!


Featured Image by Daniel Zetterstrom