Do LaB Stage Highlights of Coachella Weekend 2

Weekend two, you really know how to party! As we pack up the new stage at Coachella and head out to Bradley to start setting up for LIB, our knees may be weak but our toes are still tapping along to the beats that scored the moments we shared together at the Beacon. With more than a few highlights at the Do LaB stage from Weekend two, our team was over the moon about all the sensational sets so we did the rounds and chatted with the people who make it all possible to get the inside scoop on their most loved memories from the weekend.

Here are the highlights they shared with us.

From Dancer to DJ: KNGSPRNGS

KingSpring had energy like few artists do. He got on in the very beginning of the day and still got the entire crowd jumping which is really hard to do. I especially liked that he is a really talented dancer so watching him perform while dancing to his own music made for an exceptional show.

— Kraddy, Stage Manager

Photo by Daniel Zetterstrom

That Bristol Bass from Billy Kenny

“Billy Kenny really made me move my rump shaker.”

— Molly Narodick, Strategic Marketing Manager

The Dance of HÄANA

“HÄANA’s performance may be etched in my memory forever. She had two beautiful ballerinas doing choreographed dance during her set with her while she played live violin.”

Megan Young, Music Director

Photo by Watchara Phomicinda

A Pizza Party with Spicy Pie and Justin Martin

“Seeing the crowd dive into the famous Coachella pizza, Spicy Pie, with everyone’s favorite Dirtybird pizza-lovin’ posterchild, Justin Martin was awesome to watch! By far, the best meal of the weekend!”

— Rafael Xavier, Promotions Manager

Reveling in Darkness with Richie Hawtin

“Richie was just so dark and beautiful. One strobe, with bangin’ techno & tech house. [satisfied sigh] That’s really all you need in life.”

Caroline Cantrall, Social Media Manager

Photo by Watchara Phomicinda

Two DJs with a Jamband Sound: The Geek x VRV

“It was back to back DJs with a synthy backup keyboard and a fierce saxophone. They really brought out the crowd with their funky daytime, jam band style.”

– Brutus, Stage Manager

The Skrillex Surprise Set

“Skrillex on our stage was a true surprise. It was a surprise for everyone in the audience. It was a surprise for Skrillex’s team, we think. It was a surprise for Coachella so that was a proper surprise. Also, seeing the Beacon completely full of people all the way across the terrace was a super highlight!”

Y2, Marketing Director