A Look Inside the LIB 2019 Official Artwork!

Art and innovation lies at the center of everything we at Do LaB believe in. From our online promotions, to our music lineup, to the large-scale structures that we make – creativity is the common denominator in all our efforts.

Every year, a few months after Lightning in a Bottle, we set sail on the campaign high seas with a vision for what that year’s art direction will be. The official art is one piece, but its elements set the tone for the remaining artwork leading up to the festival – including the lineup, email newsletter, printed festival guides, and more. This allows for a cohesive look and feel throughout the entire campaign.

In years past, the official art for Lightning in a Bottle has been created by artists outside of the Do LaB team. Artist Roy Huerta, who draws idyllic scenes on festival dances, dreamt up last year’s official art masterpiece. Preceding him we’ve worked with the likes of Tycho/ISO50, Hans Walor, Locust, and many more.

This year, however, we decided to look within. Over here at Do LaB HQ, we are extremely blessed to be surrounded by a community of creatives, dreamers, free-thinkers, and visionaries—and the boss-man of our design department is, of course, no exception. Get to know Chris Hong, our Senior Graphic Designer, in this brief interview where he discusses this year’s art inspiration and the process that went along with creating it.

What was the inspiration behind this year’s official art?



How did you choose the elements and what was the process of creating this year’s art?


In 2018, Do LaB outsourced the creation of the key art to a fellow artist within the LIB community. How do you compare creating LIB’s official art in-house versus commissioning and collaborating with an artist to interpret the rest of the campaign’s artwork?


Check out more of Chris’ art in his online portfolio.