Monthly Music Picks - January

Curious who Do LaB’s Music Directors are currently listening to? In our new monthly series, explore three exciting musical artists, each hand selected by one of the masterminds behind Do LaB’s innovative and cutting-edge lineups.

Jesse Flemming –  Music Director/Executive Producer – Founder of Do LaB
Artist of the Month: Bomba Estereo
Origin: Bogotá, Colombia
Why You Should Listen: “When u listen to as much music as we do sometimes it all starts to sound the same. U need to cleanse your ears with some music that is out of the ordinary and one of those artists for me is Bomba Estereo from Columbia. I don’t speak much Spanish so I enjoy the fact that I can’t understand a lot of the lyrics.
Suggested Listening: :

Megan Young
Title: Assistant Music Director
Years with Do LaB: 6
Artist of the Month: NAO
Origin: United Kingdom
Label: RCA Records
Why You Should Listen: “A rising star in the Alt-RnB world. Equal parts sweet and badass, with her amazing voice and genre defying beats. Fans of Banks and FKA Twigs will find a happy place in NAO’s music. Her album For All We Know can be spotted on almost every year end album list from Rolling Stone to NPR. ”
Suggested Listening:

Jesse Wright
: Talent Buyer/Program Director for The Woogie
Years with Do LaB: 10
Artist of the Month: Kotelett & Zadak
Origin: Germany
Label: Katermukke
Why You Should Listen: “These guys have taken tech house and completely made it their own. Their tracks are loaded with personality, consistently solid, psychedelic, funky and generally have an understated sense of humor. Their sets are always thoughtful, have a beautiful ebb and flow, and if you really listen have lots of sonic treats that you may not notice in your car. Great music to wash your dishes to, relax on your favorite recliner to, or dance all night to. ”
Suggested Listening: