Monthly Music Picks - March

Curious who Do LaB’s Music Directors are currently listening to? In our new monthly series, explore three exciting musical artists, each hand selected by one of the masterminds behind Do LaB’s innovative and cutting-edge lineups.

Jesse Flemming

Title: Music Director/Executive Producer – Founder of Do LaB
Artist of the Month: Hedflux
Origin: Scotland
Label: Luminus Music

Why You Should Listen:
“Since going to Boom festival every other year for 8 years, trancier music has been growing on me. This isn’t full blown psy-trancebut it’s a step in that direction. I’ve been playing it a lot lately while I snowboard :)”

Suggested Listening: :

Megan Young

Title: Assistant Music Director
Years with Do LaB: 6
Artist of the Month: The Seshen
Origin: Oakland, CA
Label: Tru Thoughts

Why You Should Listen:
“The Seshen is an 7-piece band based in Oakland, CA. If you like a strong female lead, alt-RnB and dreamy, psychedelic synth pop sounds, you will love the Seshen. You can catch them on the Lightning Stage at Lightning in a Bottle this year. ”

Suggested Listening:

Dylan Aldrich

Title: Music Manager
Years with Do LaB: 1
Artist of the Month: Jåmvvis
Origin: Montréal
Label: Unsigned

Why You Should Listen:
“This guy Jåmvvis is really new on the beat-making scene, but he already has an uncanny knack for making your head rock. His unique sounds and beats are at times augmented by some truly stellar rhymes that further add to the vibe his tracks create. He started making music at the age of 11, and has since produced tracks for a number of Montréal’s rising hip-hop artists. I personally hope to see a lot more growth from and recognition for this artist in the coming year. Put on some good headphones, or just turn up your sub and give this guy a listen.”

Suggested Listening: