Nothing Less Than A Fü©K YES!

In an effort to raise awareness about and support those advocating a healthier consent culture, Julia Maryanska of Sensual Surrealism and Stem Kent of The Masculinities Dialogue are calling for advocates of consent culture to raise the bar. Their new Kickstarter, offers a path to allyship with stylish shirts emblazoned with the words “Nothing Less Than A Fü©K YES!”. The opposite side reads “Thank you for your no”, which Stem explains is about celebrating the self-care in a No, because as he puts it, “When lovers feel safe to say “No,” THEN they are truly in choice to say “Yes.””

Check out their short video on this important work and consider a small donation to become an ally and an ambassador in support of further consent conversations and healthy models for future generations.

Donate or Learn more about the Nothing Less Than A Fü©K YES! campaign here.