Paul E. Amori is Running for Mayor of Los Angeles

In an election held at Lightning in a Bottle in 2012, a charming and fascinating man appeared by the name of Paul E. Amori. With his trademark Vote 4 Love campaigning he won the heart of just about anyone he found along with the honorary title for Mayor of Lightning in a Bottle. The following year he independently launched a crowd-funding campaign to bring a vision of his own Casino & Burlesque to the festival. It was a marvelous dream that seemed impossible, but with the help of his enthusiastic supporters, who donated more than fifteen thousand dollars, he built a home for Love at LIB. Amori’s Casino & Burlesque has since been a staple of the festival, but the true beauty of the establishment today is that it’s not just the house that love built – it’s the house that the people’s love built.

But the Vote 4 Love campaign trail didn’t stop there. We recently learned that over the past several months, Mr. Amori has been tirelessly working to get signatures to register for candidacy in a real upcoming election. In other words, today, Paul E. Amori is on a mission to spread love beyond the festival – in a bid for public office! As a result, in March, Angelinos will have the chance to cast a vote for Paul E. Amori, for Mayor of the City of Los Angeles.  He’ll be running on the Love Platform that asks citizens a simple question: “How do we create the most love for the most people?”

At the start of his campaign, he held a Vote 4 Love Rally at the steps of City Hall and it was picked up by the local news.

Then he sent a message directly to the people of LIB to call for our support.

We were surprised to see so much initiative and so much love coming out of the community. At first we weren’t sure if it was real, but after speaking with Mr Amori directly we’ve come to understand that he’s very sincere in his desire to see Love prevail in local government. In a recent post in by John “Halcyon” Styn, Mr. Amori expressed his conviction openly. “Times like these require that we do more than sit on the sidelines and escape into our beautiful festival bubbles where we have already created the world we want to live in.” He said. “We need to help shepherd that world into reality and the only way we do that is by getting involved!”

A little unconventional? Definitely.

Weird, even? Absolutely, but in the best possible ways.

In a press release on January 10th, Lightning In a Bottle Co-Founder Josh Flemming made our official endorsement of Paul E. Amori and the Vote4Love campaign. “We are humbled and excited to see one of our own out there being a voice for good. In the dynamic and all too often disheartening landscape of American politics, it’s refreshing to see someone from the local community of artists leading the charge to bring hope to areas and people that need it most. For this reason, we’re proud to support Paul E. Amori for Mayor of Los Angeles in 2017.“

If you’d like to become involved with the campaign or to get more information about Paul E. Amori and the Love Party, visit and learn all about how to Love Your Vote” on March 7th, 2017.