Paul E. Amori wants you to Mail-in Your Vote

Did you know that the citywide mayoral election is being held on March 7th? This year, more than ever, mail-in ballots have the potential to change the city of Los Angeles. As a timesaving alternative to going to your local polling place on election day, the mail-in ballot is easily the preferred method of voting.

L.A. Mayoral Candidate and Mayor of LIB’s, Paul E. Amori, is taking an unconventional approach to campaigning. He’s not muckraking or lambasting the other candidates in the press. Instead, he’s sharing what he loves about the other candidates and asking voters to Vote 4 Love and Love their Vote. In fact, in his recent video series Paul-E-Tics he explains how Angelinos can do just that!

“Of the roughly 2.5 mllion eligible voters in Los Angeles, less than 20% will vote in March 7th’s election.” Said the Mayoral Candidate. “nearly half of them will vote by mail.” In other words, this is the single biggest push for voter turnout in the election and the biggest chance that the residents of Los Angeles have to take back their city.

That’s why we’re asking Angelinos to follow the steps below to cast a vote for whichever candidate speaks to their heart. Do LaB endorses Paul E Amori as the candidate who will bring needed change for this fair city but whether or not you vote for him or one of the other candidates, we hope that you will be a part of the process and vote! Your participation is the only way to ensure your voice is heard when it comes to finding solutions for the problems that we face together.


Click here to register for the March 7th election and get your mail-in ballot! According to website, Mail-in Ballots for the March 7th Election will start being sent out on February 6th, 2017. It’s recommended that you apply early because the last day to submit an application for a Vote By Mail Ballot is Febraury 28th, 2017.


Your mail-in ballot will arrive soon after you register. Get the package out of that stack of junkmail, because here comes the fun part!

Note: If it hasn’t arrived yet, Angelinos can call this number for support inquiries: 800.815.2666 (option 4) or 562.462.1323.


Put a stamp on the envelope and send in the ballot with your vote.