Remembering Larry Harvey (1948-2018)

Last week was a tough one. We’re still mourning the passing of a man who history will likely remember as the most beloved creative inspiration of our time. As the founder of Burning Man, Larry Harvey (1948-2018) championed the arts community in countless ways. His work and those around him held space that invoked curiosity as much as personal responsibility and that “home” became the launchpad for thinkers in arts, sciences, and humanities. It wasn’t until Do LaB’s Founders visited the city that Larry started that they ever were able to imagine our own festival, Lightning in a Bottle. We’re still inspired by his work each day.

Of the many ways Larry left his mark on folks far and wide, we’re especially grateful for his commitment to social experimentation, his passion for pushing boundaries and his knack for invoking awe. If like us, you believe the work he started at Burning Man was woven into the fabric in the culture of our community, and that he equipped us with the tools to carry on his legacy, then join us in reflecting on the potent influence he’s had in our formative years. Because if not for his ethos and actions there’s no way the industry, Do LaB – and, since you’re reading this, probably you – would be what they are today.

Featured Image by Zac Cirivello