Meet our beloved Executive Producer!

monica fernandez
Featured Image Credit: Yuri Sakovich Photography 

H.B.I.C and OG Ladyboss, Monica Fernandez has been moving mountains and making sh*t happen at Do LaB since 2005. Beyond her role as Executive Producer, Monica uses her background in performance and dance to curate much of the live performance art you see at our various events. Monica is also responsible for selecting our media teams, and managing the Do LaB’s many video projects. Above all, however, Monica is best known for her bottomless heart, making sure everyone is happy, healthy and cared for, and for that we love her!

Name: Monica “Dangerpants” Fernandez
Title: Executive Producer

What’s a topic you’re currently intrigued by or passionate about?


Why is that topic important to you?

Coloring is a wonderful creative outlet for me currently. Soothes the stress of a long day and is a nice opportunity to focus on something fun! I also love it when I have friends and family over and we all get down and color!

What’s a lesson you’ve learned from festivals?

That anything is possible and reality is yours to craft. We can live in an enviornment that fosters patience, compassion and creativity. A place that values connection rather than detachment and isolation.

What artist would you leave on repeat the whole way home?

Oh man it changes daily, weekly. On recent roadtrips I have listened to Lord Huron and Made in Heights for the sweet sounds. And to push on and get through, the Justin Jay Desert Hearts mix is a fave 😉

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