Do LaB Staff Pick: Rebecca Pisicoli

Whether she’s overseeing a project from start to finish, or helping someone accomplish a personal feat, Rebecca Pisicoli is always thinking about the big picture and how to steer her team and herself to success. As our very first HR Director, she is a multi-talented doer that has the hospitable nature of a mom, while honing handy skills more proficient than most dads. Coming from a very versatile background, she fit right into the Do LaB fam because of her ability to adapt and get stuff done while not taking things too seriously. Her fierce beauty, inside and out, is inspiring to everyone around her, and we couldn’t be more happy to have such a strong addition to our team!

Name: Rebecca Pisicoli
Title: Human Resources Director

What’s a topic you’re currently intrigued by or passionate about?

Emotional Human Behavior.

Why is that topic important to you?

Connection and awareness to and with people has alwasy been an intrigue, passion and vital part of my life. Learning more and having a better understanding of the human psyche allows me to not only learn more about myself and others, but also allows for better and more meaningful connections that I have with those around me.

What’s a lesson you’ve learned from festivals?

The importance of compassion, community and belonging.

What artist would you leave on repeat the whole way home?


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